Sunday, January 27, 2008

My Sunday!!!....

It was a beautiful Sunday morning [January 27, 2008] with the sun shining bright. I am suppose to join in for the Tiffin Run to Bentong organised by our Kelab Volvo Kelasik but could not made it for an unexpected reason. Last Friday I sense that I am going to get the Flu virus, starting with that sore throat. I am always dreadful of getting the Flu since you would be in a condition of sick and yet not really sick. By Saturday I had it full blown with sore throat, running nose and fever. The doctor says that I should start taking anti biotic which I dislike most. But what can I do when its the doctor's order. It is the only way I could get cured. So I have started on that medication yesterday and as usual you feel bad before getting better.

I was rather anxious to join that group of crazy folks with their classic Volvo 122, on this trip using the old country road to Bentong in Pahang, where we would have Lunch at Bentong Golf Club. Most of the cars of the Amazon series are forty years old but still working perfect. Mine as seen in the image above is forty two years old and I love this beaut although it is not as comfortable as the present car with the latest technology, like my other car the Honda Accord. The convoy would do a stop over for a few hours at the Bukit Tinggi Hot Spring and enjoy nature at its best there. The old winding roads is hardly used now after the construction of the Karak Highway, but it is still well maintained as an alternative route to Bentong, Raub and Lipis. It would be a beautiful trip down memory lane for it was through this roads that I use to return home to Kuantan from time to time before the opening of the Karak Highway.

This old road that connect the west coast to the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia was constructed during the colonial era and run along the hills and valley of the main range. Where there are rivers, ferries were used to cross from one side to the other. Bridges was non existence then. It was after independent that bridges was built to connect the roads. The old roads was built by following the contour of the hills and valleys. So you actually snake your way up and down on those many cliff hanging roads with deep gorges down below. It was then the only road connecting the east coast to the west coast. A vital link indeed. In the mid fifties a bunch of us who were members of the First Kuantan Scout troop went on a cycling expedition from Kuantan to Kuala lumpur. It was an adventure that I still remember very clearly till this day. At that time the country was still infested with communist terrorist and many times buses were ambushed by the terriorists. Yet we boys were never afraid of the terrorist and venture on for four days and nights, with sleeping on the way before reaching Kuala Lumpur. Looking back it was simply a crazy things to do. Riding bicycle from Kuantan to Kuala lumpur through roads in the middle of thick jungles, crossing rivers and sleeping at school canteen when night comes and cooking our own food with whatever we brought was out of the ordinary. But then it was fun and we never thought for once of the danger, for we were really an adventurous group of Boy Scouts. It takes us another four days for the return journey and till this days it remain a memorable event in my life. Been sick today I missed yet another adventure, this time with the KVK group.

Last week I got my Volvo 122 in tiptop condition and was ready for this weekend adventure but then I got sick and could not take part in that adventure today. So early this morning I SMS the Secretary and another friend saying that I just could not made it for the trip. It would have been a nice weekend adventure with friends on that old country road to Bentong. At Bentong we would be entertained to lunch by the Secretary of the KVK, whose hometown is Bentong. Well, that is life and we can never know when we could get sick but as usual lives must goes on and here am I writing this posting to humor myself of the lost opportunity to enjoy with friends on that adventure of the day. Friends, that was my Sunday. Have a nice day.


Zawi said...

Pak Idrus,
It would be fun to take a leisurely ride via the old road again. I am happy to know that they are maintaining the old road. Can't even recall when was the last time I rode by the old route. Please get us some pictures along the route if you happen to pass through the road again.
I guess you have managed to get the parts for your car.
Have a good day.

Louis said...

Hi Idrus,

Very sorry that you are down with the flu. It's a miserable disease, and I wish you a very speedy recovery.

Over here it is customary for the general population to get flu shots beginning around October, the beginning of the flu season here, to prevent getting the flu. For some groups, such as seniors, the shots are recommended as essential and they are given free or at low cost in easily accessible places including supermarkets and community centers.

The shot doesn't guarantee protection but it helps a lot. Is that a custom in Malaysia too?

Your disappointment at not being able to join the Volvo rally must be worse than the discomfort of your flu.

Your classic Volvo looks in top shape.

Glad you recounted your exploits on that old road. Must be very scenic as well.

Get well soon.

Pak Idrus said...

Nawi, thanks for the visit. As for the road I believe it is like before. The Hot spring is just nine kilometers away from the junction to Bentong if you take the Highway. Have a nice day.

Pak Idrus said...

louis, thanks for the visit and sharing your thoughts on the Flu, well it look like there are no cure as yet to this sickness. It is not often that I get this but only from time to time and only antibiotic could get me out of it fast, well about a week or so. We do not have that shot here, anyway not everyone get attack by this virus.

As for that trip I do miss the get together. Have a nice day.

Rita Ho said...

Hi Pak Idrus ... I am sorry you are down with the flu and had to miss what sounds like a fun and part nostalgic adventure. How often does the run take place?

You kept your classic Volvo well. Have you owned it for 42 years or was it a later acquisition?

Wishing you a speedy recovery, Pak Idrus.

Akmal said...

Pak Idrus,
I am sorry to hear about the flu and missed the adventure.
Hey you did that? I mean the 4 days biking from Kuantan to KL in the middle of jungle, and in the time of communist? Salute! Did you blog about it, or was it just me who missed that one?
Anyway, here wishing you quick recovery. Rest well.

Pak Idrus said...

rita, thanks for the visit and sharing your thoughts on this posting. Well life is like that, In a while the flu would go away. I think it is a checking to see whether the body is OK or not. Sure it would have been a great adventure with those gang of mine, mostly folks of my age group.

As for the Volvo, I got it some years ago, as a mean of joining a club and enjoy life. It is the only car that appreciate in price year by year.

Thanks for the wish. I would get over it as always. Have a nice day.

Pak Idrus said...

akmal, thanks for the visit and the wishes. Well life is like that and in times I shall recover.

As for that trip by bicycle as I had describe, yes it was a great adventure of my youth and there are more of which I shall write from time to time. As yet, I just wrote it in passing and not the whole story of that adventure. Would do it one of these day.

Have a nice day.

awang said...

Pak Idrus,
Your picture of the classic volvo remind me of my late father.The 1960s,volvo was his first car and we are the proud owner of the volvo those day,one and only in Sibu.My father bought it from an Indian Doctor who is migrant somewhere overseas.My father then sold it to British army officer.If Pak Idrus still remember Sarawak is on confrantasi those day.Wish you a speedy recovery and have enough rest.

Pak Idrus said...

awang, thanks for the visit and sharing your thoughts on the subject of the Volvo 122. In the sixties this car is popular among the upper level civil servant and I just could not afford it. It is one of the car that survived till this day. I bought one some years ago and then join in the KVK to enjoy the car as well the group of people who own this classic .

Have a nice day and thanks you for the wish.