Saturday, January 26, 2008


Above is a snapshot of the garden at the Colmar which I describe in my previous posting. Indeed a gorgeous sight to watch and enjoy. The garden is a riot of colors and we did enjoy wondering around it. So what has this garden to do with the subject of this posting. Well, in the first instance, would there be a garden there for us to enjoy if there is not an architect of it. It would not be a garden but a bush that grew by itself in the cool mountain atmosphere. But there is this garden with well manicured lawn, plants and flowers. A great landscape indeed. To me it is because there are people involved in this creation and they did it very well because they are kind to the greens, the plants, the flowers and everything else that made this garden. If you do not have kindness in your heart you would not be able to create such a thing of beauty. It would be just another bush with plants and flowers but not a garden.

I read somewhere that our species is special in that it has kindness in their heart. Look, we took great care to raised our young which at birth are helpless. We spend countless hours nurturing it to a level that he/she could survived on their own. A baby at birth is hopeless and would not survived without the kindness of his/her parents. Because of this value and norms that we have in our genes, our species have survived and flourished. With knowledge we gain over times we continue to be kind to everything on this planet. And this garden is one of it. Had it not been because of our kindness, love and passion this colorful garden would not be there for us to enjoy.

I have been ask why are your plants, the green leaves, the orchids and flowers bloom so well. My reply has been the same, in that you must be passionate about what you do. Other then giving that plants the daily dose of water and other nutrition you must also take care of it with kindness. As well as sprinkle it with lots of Love. It is not just about planting. It is more then that. It is about kindness to whatever species that you handle. You just do it because you love to do and enjoy the process of doing that. The outcome of the process is not your end. It the the means of getting there that you enjoy. More often then not you would be rewarded with Joy. But remember from the first time you start planting you already enjoy care less whether at the end of the day you would get to see the flowers blooming or not. You tend your garden with love and the kindness that you give would eventually be return to you. And that end result is a bonus for in the process you already enjoyed. Even without the bonus you are already happy of what you have done. Why some garden fail and some garden succeed. It is simply because of the way one do it. The one done with kindness toward all that made that parcel of the garden would surely be successful.

Remember just planting alone do not made the garden. It is the whole process of the eco-system that did it. It means you are not alone. You have the insects, the flora and fauna and every living organism helping you to made it into a beautiful garden. You succeeded because you are kind to the birds and the bees, the insects, the squirrels and everything that are around you. It is your Kindness that give you that beautiful garden. I believe that Garden at the Colmar was care for with kindness. So friends, be kind. Have a nice day.

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