Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Flower and joy!!...

They say that things of beautify is a joy forever. How true!!. We are indeed blessed to be surrounded with such environment. We live in a colorful planet that we share with the other species. The plants, the flora and fauna, the animals and the insects are there to be enjoyed. It is up to us to includes it in our lives. It is the harmonious sharing of space that made our living environment so beautiful. Everything that are around us are things of beauty and could enhance our quality of living. If only we takes some times to includes it in our everyday living environment, it would surely enriched our lives. The above image of sweet petals in a glass bowl is my own creation. It is just a simple objects that you could get anywhere. It is the harmonious blending of the two elements that made things happen. Voila! you have a thing of beauty. It just takes a little ingenuity and some creative thinking you would have things of beauty to enjoy.

I enjoyed every precious minutes in getting it done. To me it is something that should be enjoyed and I am sharing it here with all... Have a nice day.


Rita Ho said...

Hi Pak Idrus ... I posted a comment yesterday but looks like it didn't get through to you. I was guessing that the petals came from your lovely orchids. Yes?

Malaysia is indeed blessed with so many exotic species in nature. They get mentioned regularly in documentaries. Of our flora, I miss orchids and the bird of paradise most of all. Both can grow here but needs meticulous care and monitoring of atmospheric conditions.

You and your wife have good taste of decor, Pak Idrus.

Pak Idrus said...

rita, thanks for the visit, the good words on our deco as well as sharing your thoughts on plants and orchids.

Malaysia is indeed blessed with a weather that made plants grow well indeed. It just need some nurturing and tender care plus a pinch of love, voilĂ ! you would be rewarded with beautiful flowers and greens in all shades and color.

Janda Baik is still in its original form, cool and exotic.

As for the bowl in the image, the petals in the bowl is man made. It is part of deco items that you get in some stores.

Have a nice day.