Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Bienvenue vers la France

It was yet another beautiful Sunday [Jan 20,2008]. After a short visit to a relative in Bentong, on the way back we decided to detour a little. To visit a French hamlet atop a mountain enclave, where the weather is cool and the atmosphere is just like summer. After a short drive on the hillside roads, winding its ways up the hills we soon arrived at the Colmar, France. From our home in Ampang Jaya it is just a mere twenty minutes drive. This enchanting French hamlet is situated on the hills of Bukit Tinggi in the state of Pahang. Once you enter this resort you would be transported in times to another world altogether. With a blue sky and patches of white clouds with the sun shining bright as the backdrop, the Colmar Resort is indeed a picturesque sight to wonder and enjoy. Another world indeed.

I parked the car at the basement of the resort and took the lift to the ground floor. This lift takes us to the lobby of a hotel coffee house. We then walk out to be welcomed to a totally French environments. What a change from the scene just half an hour ago. Just look at these images and you would agree with me that you just can't tell. You, in France or Malaysia. It is a made belief reality in the heartland of the jungle of the tropical forest. Indeed an enchanting place to spend the weekend away from the hustle and bustle of the city life.

We sat to enjoy a meal at one of the French restaurant and while enjoying the coffee watch passerby enjoying themselves in this beautiful enclave of a wonderland somewhere in France!!. We than took small steps on the cobble path that lead us to a gorgeous garden, with a well manicured green lawn with the plants and the flowers blooming in its glory. It was indeed a well made landscape. What! with the cool fresh mountain air, it made this garden such a wonderful place to sit and just gaze at the glory of nature in all the colors of the rainbow. Indeed it mesmerised you to want to stay forever and enjoy that moment in times where everything seem to be in harmony, nature and yourself in all its beauty. Fascinating!!. You just do not want to leave this place. I thought at that moment in time that it would be great to watch the rising and the setting of the sun from here. Some other day we would stay for the night here and would take that opportunity to watch the sunrise as well as the sunset at this height. It would surely be a spectacular scene if the weather is good.

The architect of this resort did a great job indeed. It is so real!!. Everything here are man made and those artisan did a splendid job of creating this wonderland in the middle of the tropical jungle. I have been here some years ago when it was first open to the public. At that time it was a different scene. Now all the plants and greens has matured and it look just natural, well blended with those buildings in that enclave. Indeed such a picturesque sight to wonder and enjoy. Just by sitting and sipping hot steamy coffee and whilst your imaginations away would surely made your day.

In a country that is progressing fast, with some ingenuity and creative minds anything could happen in beautiful Malaysia. Just to makes life more interesting like never before. Have a nice day..[Note: The French title is done by AltaVista-Babel Fish][click images to enlarge]


Anonymous said...

Thanks to your fine photography and your compelling narratives, my mind is forming a new itinerary for the next time I visit Malaysia, an itinerary that will take me to those many attractive places that I hadn't realized are such a short drive from the Golden Triangle area of KL that I am familiar with.

BTW you mentioned that at Bk Tinggi one just can't tell if one is in France or Malaysia. I think the attitude of the people may be a clue ;-) Of course I am stereotyping here (but tongue in cheek), but I couldn't resist the opportunity. Let me assure you: I like both Malaysia and France.

Rahman Hariri said...

For a moment there, Pak Idrus, I thought you were in France (with the title and top part of the photo visible), and wondering how quick you were with your blogging.

One day you were presumably at home talking about orchid and the next day in France!

It sure fools me!

I dont mind the Colmar. In fact I think i enjoyed it better than crowded Genting.

Unknown said...

Pak Idrus,
Your pictures deceived my eyes. I thought you are actually there in France, but I am pretty sure that Frnce is not just 20 minutes away from Ampang haha.
Bukit Tinggi is in my planning, would love to try hanging out there with my friends, as I was never been there. Well, after reading this, I simply can't wait. Got to allocate a weekend for this.
Have a nice evening.

Pak Idrus said...

louis, thanks for the visit and the kind words on this posting. I am indeed glad that you enjoy the images as well as the writeup of the happening. Glad that you are going to make these places as your next adventure.

As for the 'just can't tell' what I meant is that if you look at the images and not the real place where there not that many French in this hamlet, you would surely have difficulty in knowing the truth. I have visited Paris and had coffee at one of the many roadside café. I soon found that drinking coffee is a refine culture of the French, whice I like. That is one reason that I always says that I enjoy coffee rather then drinking coffee.

With more then two thousand years behind them, the French are indeed a cultured people. We, Malaysian are just beginning to appreciate the fine art of culture. Your comment on this aspect is well understood. Have a nice day.

Pak Idrus said...

rahman hariri, thanks for the visit, the kind words as well as sharing your thoughts on this posting.

Yes, for that moment in times I was in France, lost somewhat in a time zone in the middle of the Pahang jungle.

Agreed with you that this place is surely a more relaxing place then Genting. Have a nice day.

Pak Idrus said...

akmal, thanks for the visit. I am indeed glad that this posting did trigger your thoughts to wonder to 'France' by way of a time machine.

I was in France for that moment in time, whizzed away by a time warps. Sort of got lost in a time zone in the jungle of Pahang.

Go and visit this enchanting place and I am sure you would enjoy your adventure. Have a nice day.

NorAiniJ said...

Salam Pak,

Nice photos, as always, Pak. I concur what you had written here, Colmar Tropicale is indeed a unique and refreshing getaway. It is a very convenient and not to mention economical way of us Malaysian enjoying that European/French country living.

And being a Malaysian, what I love most when visiting Colmar is that not Crème Brule, not Escargot, not Croissant but that "Char Kuey Teow Kerang" at one of the eateries (can’t recall which one). Once a Malaysian will always be Malaysian..hehehe

Pak Idrus said...

nj, thanks for the visit and kind words on this posting. I am happy that you enjoy the images and the narrative of the happening. Well, life is like that, we have look at things with a curious eyes, it is just around the corner and yet we often miss it until a chance visit.

Agreed with your thoughts that this is indeed an enchanting place to be and to enjoy as well be at peace with nature.

As for the food where else but Malaysia that you could get all kind of foods both from the west and the east at any time of the days to enjoy. Yes I love Kuey teow. The next time I am there I would look for it. Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

I was being a fool hardy by the images. For a moment I was thinking you're magically transported to France and back. Never thought that Bukit Tinggi had that French outfit. Must visit the place one of these days. Thanks PakIdrus for the revelation.
Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

My last visit to KUL was during my daughter convocation year 2006.We only go to common spot such as KLCC,Twintower,MidVally,GentingHighland & PutraJaya.With the information from yr blog ,now at least we have someting new to offer in KUL beside being just go around the City.Thanks PakIdrus for your info and have a nice day.

Pak Idrus said...

changgeh, thanks for the visit and the kind words on this posting. Well, So what is reality!! - Matrix. Yes. I was in France, sort of transported out by a time machine in mere minutes and back to Ampang Jaya. We had a great time at the Colmar and I am sure you would enjoy visiting this made belief piece of the work of the art, when you are in KL next.

In the meantime keep blogging and enjoy life. Glad that you enjoy this piece. Have a nice day.

Pak Idrus said...

awang, thanks for the visit and the kind words on this posting. Happy that you would make this enchanting place as your next destination when you are next in KL.

It is worth the visit. Indeed an enchanting place to visit and enjoy being in 'France'. Moreover it is not that far away from KL. Have a nice day.

mad redo1 said...

dear Pak Idrus,

it is a cloudy morning in kT as I type these words but thank goodness that the sun was shining brightly during your time at the tropicale colmar, making your time there even more colourful.

just something that came up on my mind from the NJ's comment that a Malaysian will always be a Malaysian when it comes to food, but fusing both worlds perhaps would spawn "koay teow goreng escargot"...

any takers?

have a great day Pak Idrus.

Pak Idrus said...

mad redo1, thanks for the visit and kind words on this posting, as well sharing your thoughts on living.

Well. Wet is always related with the east coast where I grew up enjoying the yearly bah [flood] when even the coconut oil would solidify.

As for the Colmar resort it is one of a kind that is so near to our home where we could just drive for a cup of steamy hot coffee and enjoy the wonderful cool weather of summer.

I believe that kueh teow goreng with escargot would be a wonderful idea since the kerang and escargot are sort of cousin. Let me know if you have tried that. Nothing venture nothing gain. Have a nice day.