Wednesday, January 03, 2007

What a great day!!

The image above shows our youngest granddaughter, little Adibah receiving a bouquet of flowers from grandma at her 'convocation' of the kindergarten that she had been attending. With her younger brother looking on. She is going to the real school this year. This year school session start today. She is all excited to go to school. Got new uniform, shoes and bag ready to go. Her eldest sister is in Form V this year, the last school year before going to the university, while our second eldest granddaughter just finished her lower secondary school examination [ it is call the PMR examination in this country ]. Well she did well indeed, got straight A's. Eight A's and she has chosen to be in the science stream in this year school session.

Well time indeed passes fast for us the grands. Two of our granddaughter are teenagers now. We are indeed happy that this new generation of Malaysian are doing great and I hope that the future would be as great. Life have been good for us, from the day we gain independent in 1957 to date.

We have raised our family and saw them grew up to become adult and then they start a family and now we are blessed with those wonderful grand children, five in all.. What a life and we are indeed grateful for that.

Well friends, grandchildren are actually a bonus for folks like us. Them always make us happy in our golden age. Indeed life have been beautiful... and we are enjoying every minutes of it. So folks do take great care of your children and the rest would come naturally. That is live and it is rewarding day by day.. Have a nice day.


Penabahari said...

Thanks for the beautiful write up of your family. Pak Idrus, I am catching up. My eldest grandson is now in Pr.3.
Like you, I really enjoy the time with the cucu.

Pak Idrus said...

penabahari thanks for the visit and the great comment,appreciated. We should continue to advise the young to marry and have zuriat [children]. Now at this age with the little wisdom we have, we now know why our parents always advise us to have children. Have a nice day.