Saturday, January 06, 2007

A gorgeous day!!...

It is Saturday. The weather is great. The sun is bright on the east and rising, with blue sky and scattered cirrus clouds. It was indeed a gorgeous day. I love a day like this. It create an atmosphere of freshness. What with the news of floods and strong wind in the other parts of the country. A regular occurrence during this time of the year. The weatherman says that the weather would be heavy rain and strong wind at the weekend.

So this morning been beautiful I would no let its just go away without myself enjoying whatever time this beautiful Saturday morning brings. I decided to take a walk/jog around the block and enjoy the sunshine. Not many people jog at this time in the morning, so the path was mine all the way. The air was fresh and the sun shows it magnificent beauty with that blue sky. I walk with a walking stick. The walking stick been a company of a sort. Enjoying the walk while day dreams as usual, whenever I go walking and jogging.

Along the way a friend stop his car and ask jokingly whether I want a lift. I say thank and stop awhile to chat, the usual chat that we folks at our age do, joke and laugh, making the day as wonderful as possible. And then he move on while I continue my walking. It is a really a waste if we do not make use of such a beautiful day to enjoy the walk. Soon the sun would disappears as it often happen at this time of the year and there would be rain. Well that is nature contribution to us and all those living species on this planet. The plants would love the rain as it bring nutrition to the ground where its grows.

I took my time to enjoy the walk and then turn back and walk to where I started. As I was about to enter my home, the cell phone beep. I answer it, it was from a friend that seldom call. Well..we chat awhile and then exchange whatever information and note and say good bye. I sat down at the patio and watch the bird chirps and jumping from tree to tree enjoying the day just like me. I look at the plate of apple that I had put to feed the squirrel. It is almost empty now. I am happy that my elusive little squirrel came and got his favorite piece of apple and enjoying its meal now.

Indeed it had been a great day. A really gorgeous day. Friends, Have a nice day.

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