Thursday, January 04, 2007

A New Year gift..a LCD TV.

Well it is the New Year, so lets celebrate.

I have been thinking of getting a new flat screen LCD, to go with the trend. This would be my first flat screen TV. A progress from the conventional TV. The prices of this this flat screen TV seem to getting lower and lower. So I decided to get one and replace the TV which my spouse love to watch with this new LCD TV.

So yesterday my spouse and I went shopping and after much thoughts, what with so much choice!!, we decided on a 32" Sony Bravia. So today we have a new toy to enjoy. With Astro, the satellite paid TV increasing its channels, it would be great to watch those TV programmes on this new LCD TV.

Well you can say it is a sort of a gift to my spouse, who among other things love to watch TV. Well friends as I often said, life is like that. Let us makes it as colorful as ever and Enjoy!!. Take care.


anasalwa said...

Nonton tv sakan ya?
Selamat Tahun Baru

Pak Idrus said...

Ana thank. I just love to flip channels. This LCD TV is for Nenek. Well it is time she get the best TV to watch her favorite soap. take care.