Monday, January 15, 2007

One of a kind blog...

Well it is one of those day. I surf the net without really looking for what!. As usual I visited a few familiar sites and then in the midst of it I was let to this site that I had visited before but do not bookmarked it.

On browsing this site I found it to be a very colorful site indeed. With story told in between the live. It Malay it is often said as Yang tersirat. Indeed it is a well done concept. A visual way of telling a serious stories of the current political events in a really lively way.

You have just to visit this wonderful site to understand what I meant as colorful. Thanks Kickdefella for creating this blog. It really make lives more interesting and meaningful. I believe surfers do get the messages.

From a Pak Blogger who had live throughout the stages of the country developments and seen it all, I would like to thank Kicdefella for this one of a kind blog.. Indeed a job well done. Carry on. Have a nice day.

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