Sunday, January 28, 2007

A simple lunch!!

It was a beautiful Sunday morning. I said to my spouse " lets go out for lunch " and she say OK. So out we went to a famous Mamak restaurant at Wangsa Maju, not that far from our place. I took the Honda and drove taking the Ampang outer ring road and in mere minutes we arrived at the NZ Curry House, situated in a sprawling complex that house the whole of the restaurant. A clean and well managed mamak restaurant. A sort of a modern Mamak eateries. You could find almost everything to eat here for breakfast to midnight supper. The place open for twenty four hours. It even boast of a huge projected screen to show movie or TV programmes. In the evening this place is crowded with family and friends enjoy their dinner out. We were there for lunch and arrived early, just before the lunch crowd arrive. We ordered a simple lunch of white rice, fish curry, fried chicken inclusive a plate of boneless chicken fried the Mamak's way, mixed vegetable again the way only the Mamak do best, one ice tea and one plain hot tea. [Image above is the real things] Well with the tempting food in front of us, we sat and enjoy the lunch. As we continue to enjoy our meal the place soon became crowded with the others who had just arrived. Well friends it just cost us about RM16.00 for the lunch. [ US$1.00 = RM.3.80 ]. So in a way we had the great lunch at just US$4.00 only. What a way to go. Friends that is Malaysia where eating out is now part of the Malaysian culture. Have a nice day.

Note: A few Sunday ago.


Bergen said...

And some people say mamak is expensive.

Pak Idrus said...

Bergen thanks for the visit. Well live is like that.

Cliff said...

M'sia is a paradise for food as far as I'm concern, very reasonable priced and infact cheap by Western standards. Where I am (Melbourne) a bowl of laksa is about A$9.00 = RM25.00. Whenever we are back in M'sia we seem to be eating out all the time !!
By the way I enjoy reading your blog.

Happy eating !!

Pak Idrus said...

Cliff, thanks for the visit and the kind comments. When next in Malaysia do let me know, will give you a makan. Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

yeah, Malaysia is food paradise.
Everyone's enjoy eating here

Pak Idrus said...

droool, thanks for the visit and the comment. Have a nice day.