Saturday, August 12, 2006

What a day!!...The Bintang Walk..

Yesterday August 11,2006...It started out with a hell of a day. The news on BBC that I was watching show the attempt by terrorists to blow up planes on the air and the chaos at London Airport, the world largest.. A group of friend were supposed to take their flight from the London Airport and I am to meet them at our KLIA.. Watching the lives coverage of the happening on my TV, switching channels between BBC and CNN, all of a sudden my plan to meet them at the airport had gone haywire. Their flight were delayed and for that I had to go to my Plan B. I monitored their flight and eventually found that their flight had been delayed but had parted and wound arrived a bit late in Kuala Lumpur. With the uncertainty I decided not to meet them at the Airport but instead send SMS to them to call me as soon as possible on arrival at KLIA. With that I got a call from them on their arrival. Told them to take the KLIA Express to the Sentral station and I would meet them at the Sentral. With that in action I drove to KLCC, parked my car and then board the LRT to Sentral. On arrival found that they had already arrived at the Sentral. Met them and then got a taxi, together went to the Replica Inn an exciting new budget hotel at the heart of the tourist centre at Bukit Bintang.

After getting them check in at the hotel I had a long chat with the Manager of the Hotel, a new found friend, a seasoned hotel management professional and a stranger no more. And then eventually left the place. I tried to get a taxi to KLCC to get my car but it got too difficult, so I decided to forget of getting a taxi but instead to just take a slow walk to KLCC. Which I believe the best decision I did that evening, for I had not done this before, like walking the Bintang Walk in the evening, the paradise of the tourist in Kuala Lumpur. What I saw excite me, I could feel the vibrant of this area where thousand of tourist throng the area enjoying themselves. There are Europeans, Arabs with their women in black garb, African in the colorful dress, a family of people from the Caribbean Islands, the Chinese, the Japanese and the list are indeed endless... I took a slow walk toward Jalan Sultan Ismail toward KLCC. With all the time in the world and with the cool air of the evening, I walk slowly and took pictures of the happening as I go. The images above is what I saw. I am happy of what I saw, the local enjoying themselves and the tourist happy in this paradise under the sun. I got to my car in the car park at KLCC and drove home happy that the evening end with great excitement...What a day!!!

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