Thursday, August 03, 2006

Another great day....

The weather is great so I took my Volvo Classic and went out for a spin around the neighborhood. And then visit the Ampang Point shopping area just to window shop. There is this shop there call the Cash Converter, an Australian franchise. It is a sort of a shop that sell and buy used goods.. I somewhat love this place, not that I would buy things there but this is an interesting store and I love to browse in the shops and enjoy what I see. At time I do buy things I like. The CD's are cheap and if you really take the time to look around you might find things that you like and make a good buy. This store open at ten in the morning and usually it is crowded with curious people trying to get new items that are going cheap.. I took my time to browse along and then left for the Supermarket at the Mall nearby and bought whatever I need and then went to put it in the boot of my Volvo classic..

I then went back to the Ampang Point Mall and as usual window shop, another place that I love to visit is the 'Reject Shop'. Here you get many clothing that are meant for export especially to the US. It is not that the clothing or apparel sold here are not in good condition. It is sold here because these items are rejected by the QC people because of a little defect here and there, like the wrong size label or a small patch did not get a proper stitch or the color did not match and the like...So when buying clothing at this shop one had to try the sizes to make sure it fit well and not just to take things for granted.. All the items for sale are made for export thus the quality are assured as export grade... I browse along and found good T-Shirt in various color stack with a rather cheap price tag.. I took a few and try for size and then eventually bought three, one Red, one Yellow and one Black in color. And all just cost me less then a hundred RM [RM3.80 = US$1.00]. Well to me it is indeed a good buy. Getting a branded good for less. That is what this Reject Shop give us folk here.

Then I move to another shop another favorite of mine. A book shop that call the 'Pay Less Books'. Here books cost one third than that are sold at the normal book store at other shopping complex.. Most of the books are new, with some old or used book. The title are not the latest but if one is looking for good books at a cheaper price, then this is the place to be. I browse along and met a stranger who were doing the same and eventually got to talking to him, a stranger no more. As usual folks at our age get to talking and we eventually parted as friend with a wish that we shall meet again the next time. I bought a few books and left the place for home, happy that it has been a great day.


Anonymous said...


Cantiknya kereta Pak Idrus.
Saya pakai 240SE manual 1992, wife bawak pi office & ambil anak kat sekolah.

Pernah tumpang naik kereta macam Pak Idrus in the 70s dari Jitra ke Yan.

Take care Pak Idrus.



Pak Idrus said...

Saidi, Thank for the visit. Appreciate the comment. Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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