Monday, August 14, 2006

A Bar B William's..

A group of friends arrived from the UK and a friend decided to give them a dinner at his home in PJ. We were invited. It was a Bar B Q, so we took its easy enjoying the meals. Images above show the guests and host at the table enjoying their dinner and having a great time chatting, on various subjects. It was a rather a hot and humid evening and I notice the guests that had just arrived from the UK were rather uncomfortable with the evening atmosphere. It would take them a few days to get used to our kind of weather..They plan to be here for a while, had to do some family affair business that they came for and after that would tour the country. They did that family affair part yesterday [I would write about this some other time]. I advice them to just take its easy by hiring a car and drive to their destinations. We suggest that they first visit the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia with Kuantan as their first stop.. Well, today they decided just to do that and are on their way to Kuantan and then would proceed to Terengganu with a stop at the tropical island of Redang. I believe they would have a wonderful holiday on this enchanting island on the China Sea...After that they would move to Kota Bahru in Kelantan before moving west via the East West Highway, with Penang and Langkawi as their next destinations.. They plan to get back to Kuala Lumpur just before the Independent Day Celebration.

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