Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2006

Here are some scenes of Christmas decorations at the Suria Shopping Mall at the Petronas Twin Tower. This Christmas tree is five storey high and it stand majestically in the center of the mall's main concourse...I was there a few days ago... My spouse and our daughter were doing the shopping while I whilst the time browsing along and window shop. With plenty of time to wonder in this great shopping mall,I took its easy and explore.....The mall were throng with shoppers of Malaysian and foreigners of all walk of life, seen going about doing their business the way they like it, and enjoying the good life in this country ..As a Malaysian to me the year 2005 had been a great year... The country is getting prosperous and the people continue to have a great life... Let us continue to work toward peace and live in harmony, so that we all may continue to enjoy life....Right from the beginning of the year we start celebrating national festivals of one kind or the other... Starting with The Chinese New Year, then the Dewali for the Hindu, the Eid Mubarak for the Moslem and now come Christmas for the Christian and in a month time Moslem would be celebrating the Eid Adha... What a way to go Malaysian!!!.... We all celebrate its our way...And in shopping we all always find excuses to do just that...Shop! Shop! And shop!...And with the endless of festivals, what better time to do just that...Shopping and enjoying doing it.. May all my Christian friends have a bless Christmas this year and a Happy New year 2006 to all....


Patricia Neri said...

His photos are beautiful! Patricia, Brasil

Pak Idrus said...

Patricia Neri, thanks for the visit and the compliment on this images of the Christmas deco in Malaysia.

I shall be posting some new images in this year posting on Christmas. Do visit my blog later.

Have a nice day.