Thursday, December 22, 2005

High tech...Eh!!

At the Great Eastern mall, I parked the car at the third basement floor. Normally I would park my car at the second basement floor but for today it look like the mall is crowded...So I went down one more floor and parked the car there... And then went to take the lift up to the Lower Basement....There are already another couple with kids waiting for the lift to arrive, it took rather longer then the usual to arrive this time...Usually at this new shopping mall the lift were rather efficient...So we waited patiently...And after a few minutes the lift arrived and the door of the lift open. As usual we wait for the occupants to leave first and then we all went into the lift and press the relevant buttons to our destined floors...As soon as the door of the lift closed an electronic voice greet us saying " We are sorry to keep you all waiting".. It startled me!!,,, for this is the first time that a lift apologized for making us wait...What a way to go!!...That electronic voice did the jobs of a senses of the responsibility of this lift, giving it a human face...Another person in the lift remark that "well..That is high tech"...True in this age of electronics we all can never know what would they think of next!!...For a second I was lost as what to say and was about to reply "Its is alright" to that electronic voice...But I stop short of saying that..That instant reply is only natural to us human when interacting with another of our species but how do we react with an alien of a sorts ?!...The talking lift.. What a way to go and with that live continue to be interesting and as colorful as ever...Have a nice day...

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