Wednesday, July 13, 2005

An open mind..

I read with interest the discussion on many blogs, on the recent subject of great interest to all of us...And read those comments made by various bloggers around the world...Various point of views were posted and as a great believer of the freedom of speech,I respect all those thoughts and take it those that post their comments, thoughts at length of what their posting meant....To me a good posting need deep thought, taking all point of views in mind for we all are different, we do not come from one cultural group...For in cyberspace we interact with people we hardly know and for that we had to be sensitive to what others say...That I believe is the smart and civilized way of interacting in cyberspace...Everyone who give thoughts should do so with an open mind, for any thoughts put in cyberspace with a closed mind and with rage would not do any good to everyone including the writer [s]...We all want a better world to live and enjoy life and therefore we are all concern with what happen on this planet of ours..Our world is getting smaller day by day and our reach are getting further day by day as well,and in cyberspace in mere second, unlike in the past...When I was a child, living in a village on the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia, My world was just about ten kilometer radius...It was the only world I know then...There were war fought in other parts of the world but we did not know until later on in life when we read in school book or told so by friends who travel afar and return...Like a sailor friend that live near our house, when He came back from his journey to land afar..He would tell stories of his adventure and through him we get news of what happen beyond our boarder...When I grew up in the forties, the Japanese overrun our country and atrocity was their game...The rape of Malaya someone say later...I was a boy just growing up and heard stories and when I could remember at the age of six years old...I remember that I saw the remain of the Japanese rules and heard stories of horror..We were just kids then and were not afraid of nothing..So we played in the ruin of buildings and around burnout tanks and saw Japanese airplanes with the remain of dead pilots still in the cockpits...We latter heard about the bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima..But we did not see any things unlike now, we have the CNN,BBC and other networks that give us live coverage of the happening..Like on Sept Eleven in New York and now at London...I am angry of what happen for I knew the meaning of war..I was there when the country was fighting the terrorist communist from nineteen forty eight till nineteen sixty one...The killing was an everyday events..Horror and chaos was the rule of the days...We were a British colony then.. The British brought many soldiers from other countries to help us fight this terrorists and in the process many good man and woman lost their lives...So that we Malayan could continue to live in an independent country later on...I shall not forget the contributions of the commonwealth soldiers that gave their lives and services to this country for without them, who knows.. Malaya would have become a communist country and there would be no peace and there surely would not be an independent Malaysia, that we have now.....The happening in London or any other place should be the concern to all of us.. And we should look at these happening with great understand that it could also happen to us..If we are not careful...God forbid, for since we gain independence in nineteen fifty seven, except the nineteen sixty nine incident, we had not see war but peace all through...There are Evil everywhere...We must understand that it has been that way throughout the history of our world and since history is the product of the victor,We actually do not really know what is the truth of history...So in giving comment on any subjects please do give serious thoughts to the subjects, for we all are subject to bias opinion because of our culture, religion and race...That is why I have taken to accept others point of view in good faith and with due respect, for we are all different...But our goal are the same,.. Peace and prosperity for all mankind...Take care.


Liza said...

Pak Idrus,

I agree with you that in giving opinion on sensitive issues related to other's culture and religion, one must have an open mind (to understand and respect) and take into consideration of the sensitivities. We are living in a peaceful country, so let's try to keep it that way.

Changes in any positive ways are good for the development of the country but regression in thinking coupled with element of hatred and provocativeness will only bring distruction to the unity and integrity of our nation.

To cut it short; let's keep our peace.

Pak Idrus said...

Liza, thanks for the visit and your well articulate thoughts...