Monday, July 18, 2005

The Frenchman...

Yesterday was indeed a beautiful Sunday morning with bright sun and a gorgeous skyline, blue sky with patches of white clouds...Illuminating view, as a backdrop of my small garden...It is indeed a picturesque sight to wonder and enjoy...I sat at the kopitiam table hacking this and at the same time enjoying the ever changing scene right in front of me...The sound of dripping water from the small waterfall at the fish pond add to the colorful atmosphere of the day.. I just came back from a short errant and on the way back stop at the Bakery nearby that is run by a young French man...I love this Bakery..It is unique with its own culture, fine pastry, breads, cakes and also a great place to have breakfast on a sunny Sunday morning....I took the Volvo classic this morning and park it right in front of the Bakery...As usual this classic Volvo create attention, and this time from among the many people that are enjoying their breakfast in the open, the whole area were crowded...I got out of my car and a gentlemen approach me and soon we got to talking about my Classic Volvo...He seem interested in the classic cars and say that a friend have one...It has always been like this with my classic Volvo..It gets attention and its mystic create communication between total strangers, like this morning...We got into talking and I believe it is a start of a new friendship...As we talk I found that He is the owner of this home like bakery, where I often buy the home baked breads for breakfast or tea time snacks...We exchange notes and He say that He would communicate with me through the net....I bought a loaf of bread and then left the place happy that I had just make a new friend.. A Frenchman....While a child I study French from a French teacher attached to the St.Thomas School in Kuantan...And today I met a Frenchman with a name Thomas...Was it a pure coincident...Or what is it....Never mind...Life is full of surprises and things happen, making the journey of life as colorful as ever...His other name is Francois..Truly French, saying that name sound French indeed....I knew a little French and probably could use it from time to time with this new found friend of mine...Like saying How are you in French... Comment allez vous

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