Saturday, November 29, 2014


Energy is precious. We have that much energy every day and if we do not use it wisely we would be the loser. So it is very important for us to use that energy wisely. A convention of people is going on now in Kuala Lumpur now and every time this happens there are lots of rhetoric going on and on. What a waste of energy! Stop the rhetoric. It a waste of energy which would otherwise could be used for better purposes. To me the future of any race depends more on them using their brains to THINK rather than believing. The Malaysian who goes all out to use their brains to think of how to be productive in the economic sector is the one that is as successful. Blaming others would not solve one’s problems. Remember an advance society always overtake the less advance one. Knowledge makes one advance and that is power. What happened in the Americas in the by gone era is a very good example. Our specie now lives in a different world than our forefather where information and ideas is just at our fingertips. In the past when we want to gather information we have to be there physically but now with the advance of the Internet it is a different situation altogether. We now live both in the virtual world and the physical world, thus we could obtain information as easy as ABC. It is as easy as that. Just Google and you would be exposed to enough information and it is up to you to use it wisely to improve your quality of life. So think and be wise. Believing in myth and superstition would not help any society to progress. Have a nice day.

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