Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Malay foods @ Simple Restaurant in Kuantan...

Last August I was in Kuantan. It was lunch time and we decided to go to Wak Sufiah restaurant in town. On arrival there we found the shop closed. It seems it has been closed since the Eid Fitri holiday a week before. Our nephew who was driving the Nissan decided to take us to another place but before that we decided to stop at a Dry Fish shop at Jalan Besar. After buying what we need at the shop I went out and saw one of the workers brought a plate of rice filled with dishes and I ask him where he had that. He replies that next door.
I went to have a look and sure enough there is a simple restaurant there. Nothing fancy. I went in to have a look and saw many people enjoying their lunch. I then look at the spreads and saw some very tempting dishes; simple home-cooked like. It does wet my appetite. I then told my spouse and my nephew why not we just have lunch here. They agreed. We select a table and then served ourselves on the buffet spreads.
I just selected a simple grilled fish and some sauce together with a bowl of Siput Sedup [Fresh water snails- Cerithidea obtusa]] cooked in coconut milk which I had not taken for such a long time since it difficult to get such dish in Kuala Lumpur. Without much ado I sat down to enjoy my lunch. It was a sumptuous meal indeed. After the meal I had a talk with the owner and soon found that this restaurant is a Ma and Pa business.
The name of the restaurant is R and R. I thought the R and R mean Rest and Recreation but soon found that it the the first alphabet of their names. Both of them was working in Kuala Lumpur and had retired. After retirement they decided to open a restaurant. Since she was from Kuantan she decided to open one in her home town. She managed to rent a shop at the Main Street [Jalan Besar] and open the restaurant. Here are some images of the spreads served at the restaurant.

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Aziela said...

Me and my husband do miss the Kuantan' delicious food and unique dish. Pak Idrus, for us, we would first 'attack' Pak Akob Ikan Patin's. There is no restaurant at all in Malacca that could beat the quality.

Pak Idrus said...

Aziela, thanks for the visit and sharing your thoughts on the subject of this positing. I am indeed glad to know that you are now living in Malacca. It a nice place. We had a condo at Pantai Puteri but because of poor management it has been left to rot.

As for food in Malacca we did found a simple restaurant call Gerai 35 at Jalan Plaza Mahkota 5, bandar Hilir. We have been there many times and the food thought simple is good. You may want to try it. I blog about it here http://idrus.blogspot.com/2006/01/simple-lunch-at-malacca.html

Have a nice day.