Saturday, February 01, 2014

My favourite dish, The Asam Pedas...

Well folks, the Asam Pedas is an original Malay cuisine and it my favourite to go with a steamy white rice. Although it is a simple dish to do one must really know of how to cook it, to get it done perfect. Other than using the right ingredients, it the secret recipe that call love and passion that made a good Asam Pedas. That is why folks say that food sprinkle with love always taste better. My spouse Asmah has mastered the way to turn out a really tasty Asam Pedas.This dish is always on the table at least once a fortnight or some time every week. It goes well with the Tenggiri [Mackerel] fish. Other fish would do as well but I still love the Tenggiri fish especially the head of the fish. I have blog about this before and this is just to refresh of what I had this week; such a wonderful dish to go with white rice. And I love it every time. 

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Arichantheran Mvsivagnanam said...

..ditto...can't wait to chow down

Pak Idrus said...

Arichantheran Mvsivagnanam, thanks for the visit and the comment.

Have a nice day.