Tuesday, February 11, 2014

From Facebook to the real World...

It was on Facebook that I first met most of the people seen in the image above. And at a wedding reception held at a hotel in town recently we all met in person; completing the friendship made in cyberspace and now strangers no more. I am selective in welcoming member onto my Facebook wall. I would only accept those who put their personal profile image and their real name although at time I do accept folks who use user-name only. The personal profile image of oneself is a must otherwise I would not accept anyone as friend on Facebook.  I want to see who my friends are and it would be easy to recognise when we eventually meet in person, like what happened at the wedding reception recently. It was really nice to get to meet all these people whom I had banter from time to time on posting that they had posted on their wall or at my wall. So this is actually a story of friendships made in cyberspace. Had it not been for cyberspace especially the social media like Blogging and Facebook I do not believe we all would have become friends. The meeting in person did complete that journey of friendship. 

Have a nice day.

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