Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A Perfect Day...

It was Monday the 10th of February 2014, a hot and dry day. It has not rain, the grass on the roadside has turn brown for lack of water. It has been a cool week before this and now the heat is unbearably hot.  Since all the bills have arrived I decided to go out and pay all of it at the ATM that the TM authority had at Ampang Point. Ampang Point is my township about 2 kilometres away from my house where I could get everything done. Since they installed the Bill paying ATM like they did with the Cash dispenser ATM I had to get use to paying there. There is no longer a human interface. It all machine now; for folks of my generation it not that easy to get used to using machine to pay bills. Since its introduction last year I had always got help from the friendly staff there who would help me get the paying done. To get it right one had to key in the bills number right. It the number that is important to getting the bills paid properly. It actually just takes a few minutes to get all the bills paid using the machine. We all have to get used to this mode of payment and I am learning it fast. It’s the era of electronic where one could pay the bills on-line or go to the nearest ATM.  

On that fine day at around 10am in the morning I went out.  First I send some bedding materials to the laundry then walk to the adjacent shop to buy two meters of hose for the filter pump; after that went to have Roti Canai at a Mamak shop nearby. I then went to have a haircut at the regular barber shop there. Then I remember I had to get some grocery. I found that I forgot to bring the list so I drove back home to pick it up and then went to have the car wash. While the car is been wash I walk to the TM store at Ampang Point to pay the bills and got it done at the ATM there. Then walk back to the Car-wash and pick up the car. On the way home I stop at the supermarket nearby and bought some grocery. With that I completed my errand for that day and got back home around 12.30pm and its Lunch Time. It ends as a very productive morning; a perfect day indeed.

Have a nice day.


Al-Manar said...

I have never done the ATM way but have been personally tutored to sit back with a laptop and do the internet transfer. So all bills are done in bed! I am scared at the thought of trying the ATM way - standing there and making a show of my stupidity. You are good sir.

Salaam muhibbah

Pak Idrus said...

Al-Manar,thanks for the visit and sharing your thoughts on the subject of this posting.

Well I have no choice but to go with the flow if not I could not pay all my monthly bills. I did not want to pay on line since it would deprive myself of going out which is important for my health. Going out and walking give me the joy thus I prefer to continue to go out especially paying bills.

Have a nice day.