Sunday, February 03, 2013

Beautiful day and Beautiful happening...

It was a beautiful Wednesday morning at the end of January 2013, I decided to lepak at KLCC. The weather was great with blue sky and patches of white clouds up above. I drove the Honda to the KLCC parking lot and look for a vacant lot to park my car. Now they have installed indicator of red and green light to indicate the availability of parking lot there. Red for no vacant lot and Green mean the lot is vacant. I look for the green light and found a parking lot and park my car there. With this system it is much easier to look for a vacant lot. Just drive to the green light and park the car there. In the past we have to drive all over the place to look for a vacant lot; now just look for the green light. I then took the escalator up the concourse and went to the ATM to get some cash before whiling myself in the mall. It was just past ten in the morning and the mall was beginning to get crowded with folks arriving to have their breakfast or brunch at the food-court or do early shopping. I went to the third floor to get a better reception of the WiFi so that I could surf the Net and do a posting on Facebook. After a while went back to the food-court and have a Teh Tarik and Mee Mamak. I found the Mee Mamak at the stall on the level two is not as good as the one at the Rasa food-court on level four. 

After that I went to do some shopping and eventually end at the M and S store where I did some purchase of a Jean and two T Shirts. I went to the cashier to make payment and without realising it I am told that for the two T Shirts I get a coupon of RM50.00 and if I want I could use it for paying the next item that is the Jean. I told the cashier to do just that. With that I had only to pay less RM50.00 for the whole items. It was indeed a surprise since I did not expect any gift coupon.  Happy with the purchase I left the store and continue to wander along window-shop. 

After a while I decided to get home. I went down to the basement and drove the Honda to get out of the parking lot. I approached the gate and use my Touch and Go card to pay for the parking fee since I had use the card to get into the parking area. There was another car in front and the gate refused to open and he backed and I did the same. As soon as he went to the adjacent gate I move forward and touch my card to the reader but the gate did not open. I tried again and again but it is still the same. I then call the security guard who later came with a technician. He help me to get through using the Touch and Go card but still it does not work. He said that possibly there is a problem with the system and that he had to cancel whatever data in the card and that I had to buy a new entry ticket. He told me to pay RM3.00 for the ticket. I gave him the money and after a while he came back with a ticket and uses it. With that ticket the gate open and I was able to drive out of the parking lot. Here again I was surprise with the quick assistance from the technician and that I had only to pay RM3.00 for the parking which otherwise had I use the Touch and Go card would have cost me at least RM8.00.  

It looks like today is indeed my day. Two surprises in a day! With these happening it does made my little adventure that day end with a happy note indeed. Well life is like that when you always think positive. 

Have a nice day.

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