Friday, February 15, 2013

A Gracious Flower...

This plant just starts to bloom again. When I first grow it some years ago I did not know its name. I posted it in my Blog and then a friend who at that time lives in Bali wrote to me saying that the name of that plant is Awapuhi-ula-ula and it is a native of Hawaii. The flower would last for at least for four months and then it would fade slowly. After that the flower would not be as radiant at it first bloomed but would still be there until it is cut off. And during that time small shoots of its young would sprouts at the stem in between the leaves. I was told by a friend that just to cut it and plant in another pots. I did just that. Soon I began to get more and more of these plants. Water it regularly, adds some fertilizer from time to time and it would grow slowly and eventually would flower as seen in the image above. So starting from just one pot I now have many pots of these plants at various stage of growing.

One thing great about this plant is that it teaches oneself to be patience since it takes its time to flower. It does not show any bud but you would be delighted after all the waiting you began to see some indication of a flower coming your way. It always made me happy every time I watch the progress of blooming. True as the saying goes that plant is keeper of our joy; a joyous moment indeed. 

Have a nice day.


Kam H. said...

Beautiful flower! Does it come with a smell too?

Pak Idrus said...

Kam H., thanks for the visit. No this flower does not have fragrant thus no smell.

Have a nice day.