Monday, January 28, 2013

Udang Tumis with Belimbing Buloh....

It was early morning. After cleaning the front part of our house, an early morning ritual of mine I went out to sweep the lawn in front of the gate. Across the road I had planted a Belembing Buloh tree. I went to have a closer look and found there are plenty of fruits hanging from the branches of the tree ready for harvesting. I went up the house and straight away walk to the kitchen and took a plastic container and then went down to pick up the fruits. I then put it on the kitchen table and went on to do my other unfinished work around the house and forgot about it altogether. Come lunch time I look at the dishes on the table and found that my spouse had use the Belimbing Buloh to cook the fruits together with the prawn; a dish we call Udang Tumis.  Seeing that wet my appetite. I then sat to enjoy my lunch of steamy white rice with it. It was really delicious. I did enjoy my lunch with it. It is not always that we get to enjoy such dish, Prawn cook together with the fruits - Udang Tumis with Belimbing Buloh. Above is the image of the dish Udang Tumis with Belimbing Buloh.  Have a nice day.

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