Monday, April 30, 2012

Just another day...

It is Monday the 30th of April 2012, the last day of April this year; a beautiful day with bright blue sky. It would be a great day to take a drive around the neighborhood and enjoy the scenery or just to while the day away. It looks like we have gone through  four months into the year 2012. Amazing how time passes so fast indeed. It was like yesterday that we welcome the year 2000 and start living in the twenty-first century, years that brought new technologies into the fore like the cell phones. Now that gadget not only is just the way to makes call but today it is a media for folks to play games and do works over the internet. It does changes the culture of doing business now. With the cell phones there are no reasons that one could not communicate with one another anymore. And I believe the development of the cell phone is still in its infancy and we would be seeing new developments in the not too distance future. 

Today the weather is good and I may just go out and wander along into the old part of the city. Who knows I may find something interesting to write or to photography and share in my blog later. Anything could happens and when we are on the path of our journey of life we may encounter many things and happening that at time we least expected. Well folks life is like that. Last week at this time on Monday we were on our way back from Malacca after attending the AGM of the Owner Association of the Mutiara Melaka Beach Resort at Pantai Puteri. It look like nothing much to be proud of happens at that resort. The management is still not to my liking but what could we do but hopes that our investment there would not go to waste like so many others where there are glut of resorts and no taker. Anyway since we have a condo there we still have to go there from time to time to stay and upkeeps it. At the same time as the Deputy Chairperson of the Association I had to have a look of it for the association.  We went to Malacca on Saturday 21st and stayed for two nights there. Met the other owners and attended the AGM. 

Today, this Monday I thought that I would just take a ride on the LRT and go as far as the Sentral Station and then maybe stopover at the KLCC before coming home. Yesterday we were at the KLCC for lunch with an American couple. It was a great get together over lunch at the Little Penang restaurant, one of our favorite restaurants there. We chat over the lunch on subjects that just pop up from our minds and enjoy the day. They are making Malaysia their second home and have already bought a condo in Damansara as their home here. This Wednesday they would fly to their home in the US and then would be back to Malaysia sometime in July. 

Well I would just stop this rambling here for now. Have a nice day.


Temuk said...

It's nice to have an istana hinggap somewhere, like you. Especially, a place that enables us to enjoy the cool sea breeze and the lovely sunset. I do envy you, Pak Idrus.

Would you know whether govt retirees can get a discount for their LRT/Commuter tickets by showing their kad pesara? I just got that card. Being pesara KWSP, we were never given any formal "identification card" before. Have a nice day!

Pak Idrus said...

Temuk, thanks for the visit and sharing your thoughts on the subject of this posting.

Well it is nice to have a a home from home but their is also a flip side to it. One had to maintained it and it does cost money. Moreover the maintainance of such place is now going down the drain and it is sad to see the once 5 star complex not professionally maintained. Well it look like the local has not learn of how to upkeep such place like in the past.

As for the discount on buses and LRT or train you can get the card at their office at the Sentral. Anyway even without the card you can get the usual discount by just showing your Identity Card when purchasing the ticket. All Senior who age 60 and plus get a automatic discount up to 50%. I recently took a ride on the ETS [the electric train to Ipoh and back] and was charge only half the price both way. So just go to the counter and buy you ticket and get to Ipoh and Back.

Have a nice day.