Friday, April 06, 2012

The Morning Sun...

The morning sun always refreshes me and it always brightens my day. Among the daily ritual is to take care of my little garden in front of my patio. It just a small space that I have turned into a garden of my own with greens of all kinds and shades. Above is a whole old coconut that had been turn into a bird nest of sort. That yellow flowers attract some little birds that comes a visiting in the early part of the morning. I love to see it hovering above the yellow flowers enjoying the nectar inside those little petals. It look like this yellow flowers that hangs from the roof of my garden attract the little birds and I am happy to see it coming in the early part of the morning. I am yet to get an image of it since it was never in one spot and would fly away when one get near to it. I believe like that elusive squirrel that comes to feed in my little garden I would eventually get a photo of that birds as it comes to feed on that yellow flowers. This little garden is alive with activities in the early part of the morning, creating an atmosphere of joy and happiness for a healthy living. 

Have a nice day.

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