Friday, April 13, 2012

Just rambling...

Woke up to a gorgeous day in April and heard the birds chirping from tree to tree in my little garden. Thought that I would just ramble along what's in my mind now. After the ritual of cleaning up the front part of the house which includes my little garden, I decided to fix a lamp above the dressing table. I had bought the lamp at Ikea yesterday, it sort of upgrading the second room. 

Yesterday after returning from Ikea I had all the doorknobs of the Kitchen Cabinet replaced with new one I bought there. After the installation is done it does give the kitchen a new look. Tomorrow Ikea transport would be sending my new bookcases since the items are too heavy and big that it was not possible to take it in the car. So tomorrow and possibly Sunday I would have plenty of jobs in hands to assemble the two bookcases that I had bought from Ikea. 

Today I would not visit Facebook. It is sort of a no Facebook day. It would be great to leave Facebook for at least a day, lest one would get addicted to that social media which I thought is not healthy. I had once deactivate my Facebook account. But because relatives want me to send them some images that I had taken I reactivated my FB again. Now I am there just to follow the happening in that media and not like before, too obsess. With my No Facebook day I would just ramble along as I write this posting. 

As I had said earlier I decided to fix the lamp which I bought from Ikea yesterday. It looks simple but as usual it takes hours for me to fixed one small lamp above the dressing table. That is because I had to take out everything in the built-in cardboard above the dressing table to get access for the wiring so that my handiwork would be like a professional job. With all the DIY tools I start doing it careless of what happening in the other part of the house. It takes me almost two hours to get it done. And I am indeed happy with the result. 

Last Sunday evening we went for dinner at KLCC and after dinner and shopping on getting into the car to get home I notice my GPS and Smartag with the Touch and Go card missing. On checking I found that it was stolen. Someone had got into my car and stole the three items. No other things were missing and the car look alright without any forced entry. The remote control was functioning well. I then drove the car back home and only then that I realized my alarm-system was deactivated.  Well nothing could be done about it and the next day I reported to the matter to the KLCC authority. Meanwhile I call the Touch and Go card authority and told them that I had lost the card. They say that they would block access to the card and if there is any money still in the card it would be refunded to me. I then told my son-in-law about the items lost and he say not to worry and that he have an extra GPS and a Smartag and would give it to me as a replacement. The next day that was yesterday I went to the nearby Honda Service station and got a new lock fixed and Service the car as well. Now everything is alright. Well folks that is life, sometimes you lose and sometime you gain.

As I had blog earlier we now have a baby squirrel to take care and it look like it doing find and jumping up and down the cage. It is still too small to let it go back to nature. It looks like we still have to keep and feed it until it is big enough to venture on its own. 

Have a nice day.


Temuk said...

Pak Idrus
It's really nice if we can fix things on our own. We can save some money and feel really good for the job accomplished.

Sorry that you have lost your GPS and your T&G card and the card reader. Fortunately the thief didn't break any of your car windows. Otherwise you would have to spend more money to get it replaced. Pencuri, peragut, penyamun... It looks like that they will forever be part of our life!

mr Zul said...

wow..that's kind of highly advanced theft which is more dangerous than normal car break in.i wonder if they use high tech devices in order to diable car alarm.if so,car theft and break in can be done stealthily and not attracting attention of people around.that's why its more serious than other type of method...

Pak Idrus said...

Temuk, thanks for the visit and sharing your thoughts on the subject of this posting.

Well I just love DIY and am happy to do handiwork in the house. The satisfaction is as you would understand is indeed overwhelm. Other than that I love woodwork and some parts of my home is of my own handiwork.

As for that theft as you said criminal mind would be there whether we like it or not and we all have to live with it. I have Wakaf the items lost and Halalkan their uses by whoever who got/use it. With that I am moving forward to continue enjoying life as usual.

Have a nice day.

Pak Idrus said...

mr Zul, thanks for the visit and sharing your thoughts on the subject of this posting especially the part on the theft of those items in my car.

Well I believe the thief had use sophisticate electronic tool to scan/access which car have electronic gadget in it before hitting it. They must have use a gadget too to deactivate the Alarm System and then pick the lock. They open the door, took the items they had scanned and closed the door. In the process of picking the lock was spoiled but still could be open by the remote control. That is why I had to replaced the lock. Lucky it was not that expensive and done in mere hours by the Honda Service Center.

Have a nice day anyway.

Al-Manar said...

It really surprised me how the alarm system can be so easily deactivated. I have always deactivated the alarm system in all Proton cars I have used. I have even deactivated the automatic door system. As for the GPS it has given me more problems than help. Advice is given too late too late to switch lane on the four-lane highways, and a number of newly opened sections of highway in the east coast has not been recognised. Don't laugh, Pak Idrus.

Pak Idrus said...

Al-Manar, Pokcik Hassan thanks for the visit and sharing your thoughts on the theft of items from my car in this posting. Well like you I find that the Car Alarm is useless since even if it blare loud sound, most of the times folks would not care about it. I think it is just an add in toy to raised the cost of the car. Other then that it no long useful to deter theft like what happens to me on that Sunday.

As for the GPS to me living in KL it helps to guides me to my destination. Otherwise I would get lost easily. Well like any gadget we must not depend on it too much since some destination are as yet to get downloaded into the GPS. So in order for it to give an accurate route we have to upgrade the data of routes all the time. Otherwise it would still use the old map in it data bank. So do upgrade the data of your GPS so that it would guide you with ease to the new destination.

Have a nice day.