Friday, November 07, 2008

Court freed RPK...

I am indeed glad that my friend RPK the blogger for Malaysia Today who was detained under the ISA has been freed by the court. Personally I do not believe that anyone should be detained for his or her thoughts. The ISA was created to fight communism or subversive activities and also to halt activities which would be a treat to national security and not for other purposes. If someone have done wrong he or she should be brought to the court using the existing law.

Read this in the Star Malaysia.

Have a nice day.


all-in-one said...

Dear PI,

I am glad for RPK too.

I do wonder what about the rest in Kamunting. Somebody's child or parent or sibling is longing to be home.

I wish they can be home soon.

Have a nice day.

Pak Idrus said...

all-in-one, thanks for the visit and sharing your thoughts on this very important issue, the ISA.

The ISA was created by the then British colonial authority in Malaya to fight the ideology of communism and other subversive element but now that communism is long dead, why the need of the ISA.Those who flout the law should be brought to justice by the rule of existing law, like the Seditious law and the like.

It is time that the ISA is repealed and if need be other legislation should be introduce and treat any arrest as Innocent until found guilty by the court of law.

Like you I wished that all those in detention be given freedom or charged under the existing law.

Have a nice day. BTW there is a blogger meet on the 29 of this month at the Curve around lunch, do join in.

svllee said...

Salam pak Idrus! Am in KL till 24th ...Aiyo! 29th ! Missing it again but are you going to the PJ gathering tomorrow evening? Will catch up another day if not. Regards to missus.

Pak Idrus said...

svllee, Steven thanks for the visit. Great that you are back in KL, would meet for TT before you leave.

Have a nice day.