Monday, August 27, 2007

We are Malaysian..

If you are the citizen of the country call Malaysia then you are Malaysian. It say so very clearly in the Federation Constitution. Part 1, Article 1 [1] ' The Federation shall be known, in Malay and in English by the name Malaysia' So if you are a citizen of this country you are Malaysian and if translated into Malay or Bahasa Malaysia, it would be just Bangsa Malaysia. Every countries in the world have their set of ethnic group or race that made up the population. So we have the people of the Malay culture group, the Chinese, the Indian, the Kadazan, the Banjau, the Melanau, the Iban, the Bidayuh and the many other ethnic people that populate the state of Sabah and Sarawak. All these people are Malaysian. So let us stick to the constitution of the country that our founding father thought with foresight. We are all Malaysian and be proud of it. We have one Flag, the Jalur Gemilang, one National Anthem, the Negaraku and we also have a very important National Principal of the nation in the form of the Rukun Negara. If we all just accept these as our guiding principal we would be doing great for this young country Malaysia that would celebrate its fifty years of independence come this August 31, 2007. Merdeka.


Anonymous said...

Salaam Pak Idrus:
Here's wishing you and your family a very happy Merdeka Day on August 31.
Shehnaaz, Ottawa

Pak Idrus said...

Shehnaaz and the family, thanks for the visit and the Merdeka wish. We are going fifty and did it our way. Prosperous and the people living in peace and harmony. Have a nice day.