Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Negaraku is the Malaysian National Anthem. I start singing it when I was still in school especially during my Scouting days. The first time I sang it was at the town Padang [field] during the Independence Day celebration on August 31, 1957. During our school days as Boy Scout we use to go camping on weekend. Most of the time at Teluk Cempadak in Kuantan. At that time Teluk Cempedak is just an enclave of beautiful beach flanks by the greens of the jungle. It made great camping site. To get there we had to walk or cycle using a small path which start from where the present Sultan Palace is now. There was no house there at that time but just the greens of the tropical forest. During our camping days every morning we would raised the Malayan flag and sang the Negaraku. We all sang it with pride in our heart. In that our land is now a free country after been colonized for four hundred years. I have never stop sing it whenever the opportunity arises and always love it. Now I notice our grandchildren are singing it and I am indeed glad that they too appreciate and enjoy singing this National Anthem. This article from Sinchew-I.Com sort of narrate the history of our Negaraku [Our country] very well indeed. Have a nice day. MERDEKA..


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Pak Idrus

I forgot... Helps to feel patriotic and very Malaysian on the posting on this blog:

Images and sound said it all.

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frank, thanks for the visit and that encouraging words on our country Malaysia. Have a nice day.