Wednesday, August 08, 2007

just a shot...

It was a beautiful morning with clear blue sky. I took a cup of steamy coffee and sat a the kopitian table at my patio and enjoy my breakfast. At the same time browse through the Newspaper, reading this and that without really caring about the front page news. As usually with today's technology we get news fast on the TV, the PDA or just on the SMS on your cell phone. News travel fast indeed.

While sipping that hot steamy coffee, I saw a little bird chirping on the branches of a tree and eventually landed on a petal of a banana cone. I watch it enjoying its morning meal of sweet nectar above the petal of that banana cone. I did not want to disturb it so I just watch it at a distance. At the moment in times I was thinking of 'what if I could get a snap of this bird, it would be great'. So slowly without making any noise I went into the house and took my camera. I came out with the camera and saw the little bird is still there enjoying its morning meal. I aim the camera and took a few shot before it flew away. And then it came back and this time it just sat chirping on a branch of my Kenaga tree. I guess happy with that breakfast and just wanted to enjoy the fresh air. I took another snap of it as it perch on the tiny branch. Indeed it was a bonus for me this morning, while enjoying my morning coffee I get to see this tiny bird chirping and enjoying itself on my little garden. The images about is what I got. How I wished I got myself a better camera for such venture. The next time maybe. Have a nice day.


svllee said...

Hello Pak, nice to read about you enjoying your coffee. Its nice to appreciate moments like this sometimes, don't you feel that life just breezes past so fast sometimes. By the way, what camera do you use to photograph the little bird? By the way I just blogged about some new technology that wouldn't allow you to take 'bad' photos..cheers!

Pak Idrus said...

svllee, thanks for the visit and the comments especially regarding photography. I am not that savvy with photography, just an ordinary guy taking images as it goes and enjoying doing it. I am now using a Digital camera, an Olympus SP-350 with 8.0 mega-pixel. I took the image from a distance of 6 meter away. In the photo the bird is just a dot. I had it enlarged, thus the images in my blog. Thanks for the tips.

As for time, true it just passes by fast, especially so when you do not care about it and taking things easy. Have a nice day.

ruby ahmad said...

Hi Pak Idrus,

Thought of dropping by, so here I am. I have been snowed under with assignments and am still at them..hmm..nice and interesting assignments though. One of them doing a video where I am the host..ha ha. Excitement indeed. Just taking a breather so decided to do a few blog hops.

What a nice scoop of a shot that. Ahh...little birdie enjoying its moments. I love that banana plant too. I love heliconias too. Recently I bought a pitcher plant and am crazy about it.

In any case I must say you know how to appreciate and capture the moments. Well done...Take care.

Pak Idrus said...

ruby, thanks for the visit. Great to hear from you and that you are really having fun and enjoying the works as well. When I was working that's what I did, enjoy my work, wherever in the country or outside the country, I always enjoy doing thing, thus I actually on holiday all the times. Enjoying life as its goes. I am continuing to do that since I retired. Blogging is one way of enjoying life.

As for Plants and flowers, like you I love to be with it and enjoy planting and nurturing it. Plants give us so much for without it our species would not survived on this planet. So let us treat it with love and compassion.

As for that snap, it is one of those day that you get to immortalized it. Glad that you enjoy that images. Have a nice day.