Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The enchanting moon...

Well, the moon, it has been there all the time. It is a piece of our living sphere, for what would the earth be without the moon and the sun. Surely there would no life on this planet. I have always been fascinated with the moon. It has been my love since from the time I could remember seeing the moon and know what it is . When I was growing up there were myth and superstition about the moon. There was the days when we were not allow to point our finger toward the moon and when there is an eclipse of the moon, folks would have many stories of their belief of the disappearances of the moon and then the emerges of the moon again. There was no scientific explanations then, until we all went to school where we were taught about the eclipse of the moon and the sun. It take quite a long time for those folks in the rural area with their tradition and belief to really believe that the eclipse is just one of those things that happen regularly. It is of how our solar system works and that there is nothing to do with superstition. It has to do with the movement of the earth, the sun and the moon itself. Well and as we progress with living, the superstition soon vanished with times.

I love the moon and always enjoy the sight of it. Like last night I went up to the flat roof of our home and there I saw the moon. It was a sort of a full moon. It was ten thirty in the evening and dark. Other than the light from those electric lamps from the houses, the light from the moon was a magnificence sight. A glow in the dark sky. I decide to take the snap of the moon and am sharing the image that I took last night. In those days when I was growing up in the village, the moonlight were the only source of light to light up the path on a very dark night. Unlike in the temperate zone, in the tropic when there is no moon the night in the Kampong [villages] were pitch dark and if one were to walk one could not even see oneself. The moon light is indeed a welcome sight when we could walk the path without getting lost. In those days there was no street lamps. The moon was the only light source at that time when night comes.

Today one could not imaging the darkness in those villages outside the houses. In the house the only source of light is the good oil lamps. So when electricity came to the village it start the beginning of a new lifestyle for the society. Those were the days. The moon is still there and look the same and I am happy that we still could continue to enjoy the light from the moon and the effect it has on our species. What a love story without the moon. The river scenes would be dull without the reflection of the moon at night. And when one go out to the beach, the reflection of the moon on a calm sea made a lovely scene of calmness. The glittering water of the sea look like million of diamonds spread all over, making a colorful scene indeed. Poets would sit for hours enjoying the tranquility of the evening with the moon hovering above. It would inspire them to write those great poetry, that we so love to read and enjoy. Friends, the moon is part of us and I believe we all enjoy the sight of this lovely object in our sky when night comes. The enchanting moon. Have a nice day.


A Voice said...

Sembahyang adalah sebahagian dari penyerahan dan komunikasi spirituial kita kepada yang maha esa dan pencita alam.

Kenapa agaknya perlu ada sembahyang sunat gerhana bulan dan matahari?

Pak Idrus said...

a voice, thanks for the visit and the comments. Have a nice day.

anasalwa said...

Moon has a special effect on us, don't you think? When we miss somebody we look up at the moon and sing, di wajah mu ku lihat bulan, or the other way around?
I enjoy watching the full moon too. It hypnotized and enchanted.

Pak Idrus said...

ana, thanks for the visit and sharing your thoughts on this subject of the moon that we all love and enjoy watching. Yes, it do have an effect on us earthling and we all seem to enjoy it, especially so when it is full Moon. Have a nice day.