Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Of Blogger and the society....

ImageChef.com - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more I just could not understand why some people are so worried of bloggers. Bloggers are responsible citizen too. The have all the right to share their thoughts with the society. There are thousand and thousand of Malaysian blogging today. To me blogging is a very healthy social activity. It help citizen of all ages to put their thoughts in writing and sharing it with the world. This in a way help in creative writing which is so lacking in the Malaysian Society. Before the Internet and Blogging there are no ways for the ordinary folks to voice their thoughts to the masses. In doing so it contributes to the healthy growth of the society at large. A knowledgeable society is a productive society.

In any society, for that matter, there are surely people who have different opinion on events that are happening and this does not exclude the bloggers. Some bloggers write on politic and most just goes on with their journal of life. These are good development for it kept the society who frequent the Internet informed of the current happening/events in their country. Demonizing bloggers as a whole is a very unhealthy development. For as I had said often not all bloggers write about politic and even for those who write about politic, not all has crossed that thin gray line that might contribute in creating unnecessary disorder to the society. In certain cases it provide valuable feedback to the authority which they otherwise would not got through the ordinary channels. If some bloggers have done wrong then only they should be responsible and not all bloggers. Putting everyone in a basket is a very wrong way to do things. A friend has this posting "Syndromes" on this subject. Do take the time to visit this wonderful blog.

Most of the Malaysian society are still foreign of blogging and do not really understand the wonder of blogging. For those who had never blog before first try to understand what this tool call BLOG could do to you and the society. It is a godsend tool for creative writing. Never before in our society we had this kind of tool where we are free to do creative writing and share it with the world to read and enjoy. Once one understand what this tool could do for the benefit of the society, one would love this tool and not want it to be demonised. Have a nice Day

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