Saturday, July 14, 2007

Of politic and blogging...

I was away in Malacca for a few days. I stayed at our condo resort. It has been closed for awhile and now we got a new management company to take over the resort. Most condo owners are facing the problems of management. It is not us alone but others are facing the problem as well. Let call it the condo dwellers dilemma in Malaysia. I hope that this time it would be OK all the way. Anyway I am happy that the new management has start to cleanup the area. Water and electricity are back, so now it is possible to stay there in comfort.

Today while browsing cyberspace I found some interesting postings of the happening in the country. Malaysia would be celebrating the 50th independent anniversary this August 31, 2007. Well do read this article in Marina's, in Rocky's and in Sheih on Sheih. In Marina and Sheih blogs it is about the election, whereas in Rocky blog it is about a blogger and his blogging in this country. Have a nice day and take care.

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