Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A stranger and a tool..

Another beautiful day, the sun was up and shining bright unlike the last few days since the beginning of the Chinese Lunar Year. The Chinese New Year always brings rain and they say it is good, for water is always good for the survival of our species. Well with a day like this, I just took it easy and did my daily ritual cleaning the front of the house, getting rid of the dead leaves that normally litter under the Kenanga tree. I have to sweep this part of the house every morning to keep it tidy and today like any other days at this part of the morning I did just that. Then went to clean my classic Volvo which is parked outside the house. This car that is parked out in the open is subject to the elements, the rain, the sun and mist that drop when night air cool down. After getting that done and happy that my car is back shinning. I went up the patio where my spouse was reading the morning paper.

Just as I was about to get going with the other parts of the morning ritual, a stranger came by and ask to borrow a tool to replaced his car's wheel. Without much a do, I went to take the key of the Volvo and got the tool that he wanted to borrow and hand it to him. My spouse ask him where is the car that he need to replaced the wheel. He said that it is at his house not far from here. He took the tool and thank me and drove away. My spouse ask me whether I know the person that I had just gave the tool. I told her that I did not know. As usual she is rather caution about such things. I did not say much and I just gave it to him. It is just that. To me the man need help and I thought nothing else, moreover I had the tool that he needed. So been me I just did whatever I could to help, without really thinking much about it. I believe my spouse was rather uneasy about this happening but I just kept quiet and go on doing my ritual.

Since I had not had my breakfast as yet. I decided to makes breakfast and sat to enjoy my breakfast consist of a glass of Ensure, two half boiled eggs that I had boiled using the microwave oven. It just takes forty second to get it perfect and done like the way I like it and a cup of steamy black coffee. I always have the same breakfast every morning and it just takes a few minutes to get it prepared. No one else do my breakfast like I do, since preparing my breakfast my way is by me only. I just want to make my breakfast myself. It has been my habit and I love doing it. So that is the daily breakfast ritual that I did every morning. I then sat down at the kitchen table and enjoy my breakfast.

Then I decided to take a shower. Just as I was about to do just that the front gate bell chime. My spouse ask me to see who is at the gate. I put on a towel and went to look and there again the stranger, this time returning the tool. With a smile thanking me. I had a short chat with him and then all of a sudden I remember that I knew this man and at our first encounter this morning I totally forgot and could not recognised him. Well at this age sometime you just forget. Anyhow it does not matter. I believe I had make this man happy this morning and am happy as well.

After I had dressed up, I look at my laptop and there is an email from the lady from Canada. A beautiful write up of a happening, a reply to my email of yesterday. Ending I believe an episode of the clash of culture of a sorts, making everyone happy.

Well friends life is like that. It just had to happen. Mine had been a really wonderful and a nice day. It really makes me feel good. Making it yet another colorful day as I journey on, enjoing life. Take care.


Anonymous said...

Pak Idrus:
So nice to read that you're having a nice day,it brings a smile to my face. We wish all our days are filled with such happiness, easy going and helping others....made my day too!

mama irma said...

Pak Idrus,
Errr.., sorry to interrupt your routine but I read somewhere that it's really dangerous to boil eggs in the microwave, it may explode big time. It's good if you pay extra caution if you want to continue to have your 40second halfboiled eggs that way...

Pak Idrus said...

Shehnaaz, thanks for the visit and the kind comments. It also makes my day.

Mama Irma, thanks for the visit and the caution re eggs in microwave oven. Sorry for not posting the right info. I know for sure that eggs with the shell would explode in the oven. I first break the eggs into a bowl and then put it in the microwave oven. It takes, using the oven in my home in KL forty seconds and the oven in my Malacca Condo just 20 seconds to get the eggs done. I got these timing from trial and error. The conventional way of getting the same result with two eggs would takes fifteen minutes. Thanks again for the sincere advice. Have a nice day.