Friday, February 23, 2007

Of microwave oven and fine living..

I shall talk about microwave oven today. I believe it is the right time to just venture on this subject. In my last posting I did mentioned the use of microwave oven to do a half boiled eggs and did not give the detail of how it is done. A lady obviously concerned with safety comment on my blog, which makes me realised that when blogging we have to try to be correct in providing information to those wonderful readers who visit the blog. I thank the lady for the advice and explain what really happen. Well that is life and I am indeed glad that the lady did give advice. As you can see, the Internet soon became interactive and we communicate for the benefit of everyone. Thanks again Lady.

I have been using the microwaves oven for more then twenty years already. The first microwaves oven that we got is a Sharp Convention Microwaves Oven [image above]. At the time of getting it, it was costly but because we love new gadget, we bought it and so far it lasted until this very day. We bought the microwaves oven when I was working in Kuching, Sarawak in 1986. It is now 2007, that mean the oven had been with us for more then twenty years. And gave perfect service for all its uses, from baking cakes, roasting, boiling potatoes, heating, reheating, steaming fish, vegetable, corn and of course my daily dose of that half boiled eggs that I mentioned in my last posting.

Personally to me the microwaves oven is one of the best invention for doing quick cooking as anything that we cook using this oven takes seconds or less then 15 minutes to get done. Unlike conventional oven it takes hours. For example to get six cobs of corn or maize to be cook, it just take steaming it in just eight minutes and done perfect. It would take hours to get it done if one boil the conventional or the tradition way. You are actually talking seconds and minutes using microwave oven whereas in hours for conventional oven. Steaming fish the size of a normal plate would just take about eight minutes and it is done perfect for you to enjoy. Because we cling wrapped for steaming, all the nutrition are trapped in the container, thus the cooked food taste better then any other ways.

Of course you cannot use it for frying and never try to fry with oil in a microwaves oven or use aluminum foil paper. Foil paper or any metal surface containers would create sparks but when it is in the conventional mode it is alright to use foil paper or metal surface container, but it is still not advisable to fry in a microwave oven. Anyway we now have deep fryer that makes frying simple and it does not messed up the kitchen like ordinary frying pan do.

So for a quick lunch why not just steam the fish using the microwave oven. It is simple to do and it just take eight minutes and voila you have your steamy steamed fish to enjoy with your white rice. And a snack of corn or maize would just take the same time in the microwave oven. Boiling a cup of hot water for your coffee would just takes a minute. Poppadom the Indian thin cake for eating with rice could be cook crisp in the microwave oven. Normally Poppadom are fried in oil. For doing this just placed a few pieces of it on kitchen paper towel and slow cook a minute a time and watch it get cooked. Crisped ready to go.

Well friends that is what fine living with new technology is all about. Have a nice day.


Dee said...

Aslmkm Pak Idrus,

Saya rasa kalau pihak Sharp Jepun tahu yang Pak Idrus boleh pakai benda nie, bertahan lama selam 20 tahun, mesti depa appreciate pengguna macam Pak Idrus. haritu Pak Idrus kata nak cakap saya mechanic utk volvo, Pak Idrus terlupa kot takpa..


Pak Idrus said...

Dee, thanks for the visit and the kind comment. Please contact me using my email address [ada dilink blog saya]re the mechanic Volvo. Have a nice day