Sunday, February 25, 2007

Of Mee Rebus and blogger...

Another beautiful Sunday morning. I thought that I would just blog the recent happening in the Malaysian Blogging scene. That of a socio-cultural and polical kind.

Well, it look like those bloggers are having a great time enjoying their Mee Rebus before proceeding to the Denmark House for the court case. Indeed as the saying ' belum apa apa, isi perut dulu' [feel the stomach first before anything else]. And out they goes in drove to the hearing of Rocky's. Indeed it must be a great scene at the court where you see so many big guns of the Malaysian Blogger world congregate for a common cause. These bloggers are from the generation of my children, the Merdeka generation. A generation who have more knowledge then their forefather. A generation that grew up in an independent Malaysia. Educated, articulate and knows the rules of the games well. These are the generation that have/would and in the process of inheriting the leadership role in various fields in this beloved country call Malaysia.

As a grandparent who have live throughout the years of the colonial era and then follow the developments of the country and saw the country raised from a poor country to be one of the most develop and prosperous country in this part of the world, I am indeed glad that these generation are a concerned lots and have the love of the country in their heart first before anything else. This happening to the bloggers, like what I wrote to Jeff is just a process of the law in a civil society. It is but a hic'cup that happened from time to time, for that is life. I supposed it must be a great Mee Rebus. Have a nice day.

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