Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A brand new Mamak!!

Its the Mamak things again. Yes the last time I blog was about the simple lunch at the famous Mamak Restaurant at Wangsa Maju and the fun of dinning there. And guess what! We were at Ikea and since we arrived early, we decide to go for a sort of a late breakfast first. Together with another couple we decide to get a quick breakfast at the stall on level one of the Ikano shopping complex, an adjacent shopping mall to the Kuala Lumpur Ikea.

Since our first interest that Sunday morning had been to fill our stomach first before venturing into Ikea, we decided to have a go at those eateries on the corridor of the walkway leading to the Ikeno proper. As we walk on looking for something to satisfies our appetites, we spot some packed nasi lemak, the special rice that Malaysian do for breakfast. Well we decided to go for it and order the usual teh tarik, black coffee and plain tea to go with the nasi lemak. Here the nasi lemak has been pre packed in a cone shape brown rapper. And since we are not sure of what's inside these packed nasi lemak, we enquire from the lady who were busy attending to the customers and at the same time taking care of the cash register. This charming young lady were all smile when explaining to us about the nasi lemak. Satisfied, we decide to go for the traditional plain one and makes our order.

And while our drinks were been prepared I chat with the lady and found that this is indeed a Mamak stall. A modern and more sophisticated one. Been interested in the Mamak culture myself I decided to talk to the rest of the man around. They were indeed happy that I am talking about their race, the Mamak, the Moslem Indian that migrated from India during the colonial era of this country. I soon found that their forefather had come from the west coast of India, the Malabar coast. The people of this area are known as the Malabari. From the type of eateries they managed, the way they dress, together with the way they managed this modern Mamak eateries show that these community of Malaysian do evolved and progress to fit into the modern Malaysian business society. The images about would give one some ideas of what I am talking about.

If one are interested to have a go at this modern Mamak stall, on entering Ikea at level one, turn left and walk on and you would surely not miss this eateries which is on your right. Well.. we did enjoy our breakfast there and would surely return when we are next at Ikea. Have a nice day.

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