Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Time Person of the year...You

Yes We Blogger are among the others who have been made the Person of the Year by TIME Magazine. Great, that we all are having a part in making this world of ours a better to live and enjoy life. Thanks to the great minds who brought the Internet to us. Now that it is here to stay, life would never be the same anymore. No I do not believe that we could live without it. At least it is part of my life now. Never a day that I do not surf the net. From writing blog and visiting those great blogs all the over the world.

For Malaysian, Blogging gives them a total new avenue to share their thoughts with the world. Making disseminate of information no more the exclusive of the few but possible to all. All this because of the opportunity to blog. To all those blogger out there continue on blogging and may we all continue to contributes our thoughts in whatever ways we could, trying in our own way in making this country Malaysia a truly Negaraku.

Friends We are all being given the honour as the Person of the Year. Thanks to
Time Magazine... Yes, We are honoured... Have a nice day.

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