Thursday, December 14, 2006

The contented man.....

I took this image at a friend's house during the last Hari Raya. While everyone were having a great chats and enjoying the hospitality of the guest, I took a few snaps of the happening. On returning home I edited it and found this image turn out to be a very interesting portrait of the person concern. This person and his spouse are both friends and relatives of a sort to my spouse and me. He is a typical Kampong elder who have live all his lives in the same Kampong or village. Grew up there, married and had family. His village have been his world all the while, from the time of his youth, until now, in his golden age.

I have met him during his younger days and He always fascinate me for been just a simple man, contented with life. With just a little education, he live his life as had his father before him, simple and yet happy with the way life has brought him to his golden age. He rarely venture outside his village and whenever I am back at the village I would see him just like before. Always in a greeting mood and without fail invite us to his humble home. His spouse would prepare coffee or if I ever want to have lunch there, She would happily prepare one and as usual I would enjoy the simple meal that this village folks prepared.

Well, friends, the above images was taken with my cell phone, thus the paint like images. I love these images and am sharing it here for all to enjoy.

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