Thursday, December 28, 2006

Of earthquake and the Internet...

Yesterday, in the morning I was trying to surf the Internet and found that everything was slow. I thought that it is my computer that is slow, so I did the disk defragmenter and also did the disk cleanup. It still did not works as usual. I soon found that certain tools at my blog did not appear, so I try looking at the other blogs and found that it is the same. I then went to Project Petaling Street site where I often ping my blog and could read all the other Malaysian Blogs that are posted there. And it is here that I found others who found out the Why!, the Internet had been crawling all day long. The reason being that, it is because of the earthquake at Taiwan this morning which cause damages to some cables that link South and North East Asia to the other parts of the world. Well it look like that we all have to live with it for the time being and wait for the repair to be done.

Now we all know how bad is when our communication network, i.e the Internet is disrupt. Our life goes haywire and things seem to move rather slowly. It is rather frustrating that an earthquake could cause us so much hardship. It did not create the usual tsunami this time but a tsunami of another kind, breakdown in our communication network especially the Internet that we all just took for granted. Indeed it is a tsunami of a sorts. According to the local Telco, it would takes some two to three weeks before things would get to normal. In the mean time they would try to channel our communication by other ways and means.

Trying to open this page alone take a longer time then usual, so here I am trying to blog this and trying to get back my life back to normal. We are indeed venerable to such natural disaster and I guess that is part of life on this planet of ours. Let get use to this and carry on with life as usual. Have a nice day and take care.


Anonymous said...

Salaam Pak Idrus,

I can understand your frustration at the internet being so slow. Recently my connection broke down completely and i was unable to repair it for a week. However it did give me more time to reflect on important things that needed sorting and so i was grateful for the feeling of dwelling in silence for a while. It's good to be back online though.

Pak Idrus said...

Yafiah, thanks for the visit. It is one of those days. Like you I take it as a life journey and it is the real world. A hic'cup is always good for us to take stock of the reality and appreciate what we got. Grateful that we have been given another day to live and enjoy life. Have fun.