Tuesday, December 26, 2006

2006 and the Bloggerhood...

The year 2006 has been a great year. Life have been good. The country continue to prosper with Malaysian living in peace and harmony.

Blogger among the other Internet users have been made the Person of the year by Time Magazine. It is indeed a great honour to us blogger.

As we go along we are seeing more and more blogger of quality in the Malaysian Blogger scene. The latest is that of Marina Mahathir, the daughter of our former Prime Minister, who have a column in a local paper. Her writing has made great contribution to the development of the Malaysian social cultural scene in this multi racial, multi religion, multi cultural country. A well known blogger Mack Zul have pull out for reason only known to him and I hope he would make a come back to the blogger scene. Another who also almost pull out decided not to do so. Aisehman has came back with a vengeance and a new look Blog. The new kid on the block that now gave us the latest political development is Rockybru, indeed a great blog to visit. And then there is this blog call Siber Party of Malaysian, where a gang of blogger continue to contribute great post that would live up the blogging scene. As usual we have Desi with his colorful posting of current events, in a way only Desi could do. Then there is Jeff Ooi with his usual knowledgeable and current affairs posting that keep giving us the latest of the happening in Negaraku. Liza is back with more colorful posting. Makcik is with her daily journal posting as usual and look like she would be doing a new job comes 2007.. These two Pak Blogger are with their usual charm postings, that only people in their golden age could think of. And many more... Well the blogging world in Malaysia continue to be as colorful as ever and I hope more would be coming in the new year.

On the other side of the globe Lynns a favourite blog of mine, continue with great posting and Dani a nature love is making a come back with her great nature posting. And of course there is Anasalwa, a Malaysian living in Boston with her personal journal live from Boston.

And in the UK, this blog by a British. Awang Goneng postings are indeed a gem in itself. Literature and History that brings back memories of the past in a country call Malaya.

Well, friends, Happy New Year and Have a great day always. take care.


Mydeen Aboo Backer said...

Pak Idrus can come and claim his free teh tarik tongkat ali at Mamak Mydeen's anytime. And what about strangers in the night, Pak Idrus ?

What do they exchange ?

Pak Idrus said...

mydeen thanks for the visit. The TT was really great. As for 'strangers in the night', there are too many stories to tell. Have a nice day.