Sunday, October 01, 2006

Buka Puasa..Breaking of the Fast...

Well, Fasting during the month of Ramadan, to Moslem is real special in that unlike the other four of the Pillar of Islam, Fasting is between you and the Lord only. No one except You and the Lord know about what actually happen. You can pretend to fast for you simple can cheat your good self and like the teaching says God knows all. You could pretend to others that you are fasting but although other could not see whether you eat and drink during the days, You know what is happening. Fasting is not confined to just not Eating and Drinking during the day only, it include other values, like you have to be a good person always and never ever to think of evil. If for some reason you do not practice all the good value and norms, then your Fasting from not eating and drinking would just go to waste. In actual fact you had to fast Body and soul.. Fasting during this month is made easy if you set your mind to do just that. Fasting Body and Soul all the way until the time you break the fast.

The time of breaking the Fast is the most interesting, happy and look up time of the day. It is the time that you gather with the family to sample you first food and drink of the day. The waiting, especially to the child is as exciting and a moment in time you just love to be, to enjoy the meals after a whole day of fasting.

Yesterday the whole family was in our home, three generations Us, the Grandma and Grandpa, our daughters, our in law's and our great grandchildren were there to enjoy the breaking of the fast. To me it is one of the most beautiful moment of my life to have all the loves one around you when the time comes to break fast. Surrounded by the grandchildren was indeed a moment in time that only people who have grandchildren knows. Having everyone in the family together at the breaking of the fast is to me indeed a great moment. Such a beautiful moment. Happiness beyond description. A moment in time that I shall cherished all my life... Friends that is life...Selamat Berpuasa [Happy Fasting].... Have a nice Day...[The image above is Roast Chicken right from our oven,one of the many spreads that is served at the Buka Puasa]


Anonymous said...

care to share the recipe? ;)
its making me drool

Pak Idrus said...

kris, thanks for the visit. The recipe is on the way. take care.