Friday, September 29, 2006

Ramadan food bazaar....

Pasar Ramadan or the Ramadan food bazaar. Yes, food bazaar that comes only during the month of Ramadan, the Moslem fasting month. Now regulated, these bazaar sprang up like mushroom after a raining night. It is usually organized at the parking lots or empty spaces at housing estate. There are everywhere all over the country comes Ramadan. At our place there is one, every year without fail come Ramadan at the parking space at Jalan Satu, Ampang Jaya. The place would be crowded with stalls selling foods and drinks ready to go. The selection are unbelievable plenty, the range of delicacies are just not that possible to count during one visit. There are the already cooked one and there are one that are been cook or grilled. The smell of those wonderful food is simply overwhelmingly tempting!! The spread of foods are laid to tempt anyone who visit this food courts of a sorts. Malaysian love this bazaar and they would throng the bazaar which usually open for business after four in the evening and would end just before the time of the breaking of fast. For that short period of time these bazaar became a sort of a carnival, with cheerful people buying their needs for the Buka Puasa [breaking of the fast]. In turn its make those vendors real happy..Indeed a real win win situation, in this auspicious month of Ramadan.

Yesterday I decided to take a short drive to the bazaar and look around of the happening. With my camera I took a few images of the scene and above are some of what I saw on that evening. The couple that create the wonderful Popia, the making of the famous Roti Canai, The Ikan Bakar [grilled Fish], the Makcik's Kueh [Mom's traditional cakes], the Mamak with it's Nasi Biayni, the crisp fried chicken. The varieties of foods and drinks are endless which makes the Ramadan Food Bazaar, famously know as Pasar Ramadan, something real special.

I did not come to this bazaar to buy anything but as usual end buying. With that I head home to wait for the time of the breaking of the fast, which at my place is at seven minutes past seven in the evening. Well life is like that. Have a nice day.


Anonymous said...

Woooow Idrus all the food are so tempting .... makes me hungry lah !
Eat my share yeh?

Selamat Berpuasa !


Pak Idrus said...

Marg, thanks for the visit, HAND. take care.

Anonymous said...

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