Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The happiness that comes...

As time passes in this golden age, many things happen when you least expected. Like the other day one of our granddaughter after completing her PMR examination [Lower secondary examination] call and say that she wanted to follow me to the Trawih prayer. Grandma could not go, so I told her that I am glad to take her. So just after eight in the evening I drove to her home which is not that far from ours and pick her and off we went to the local mosque for the Isya and Trawih prayer..To me bringing along this young lady to the mosque for the Trawih Prayer is real special, in that thinking of it alone bring tears of joy to me as the old man of the family. Her younger brother Anwar who is just nine years old had been accompanying me from time to time to attend the congregation prayer on Friday. He love to follow me. and even if He come home late from school on Friday, He would rush to change his clothing and then follow me to the mosque. His mother says that He always look forward to that Friday prayer at the mosque come Friday. Personally I had never force my children and now my grandchildren to follow the teaching of the religion. This is because of my strong belief of Surah 2.256 of the Koran. In short its says ' Let there be no compulsion in religion ' There is no use forcing as it would just be superficial and not accepted in whole by one's heart. I believe that education is the best tool for the young to learn about the real meaning of life which includes their belief. To me it is important for us to be reminded of the true teaching lest we forget. We should at least look at this Surah and take a pause and ask ourselves why it is important not to force one's norm and value on others.. Give as much love to everyone and Loves would grow well and in return would benefit everyone, thus would create peace and harmony among mankind.

Another very enjoyable events that happen in this month of Ramadan is that at weekend starting from Friday, the grandchildren and their parent would come over for the breaking of fast session and at time stayed over night. To me and grandma this is an event in our lives that is so wonderful and beautiful in that it is not that easy to explain the beauty of it. It is so beautiful and heart feeling ..Seeing the scene of those little tots breaking fast and the elders of them helping grandma in the preparing of the spreads and then help in the cleaning up of the mess. Personally I love to have them around, playful as usual, their cry and joy that only children of this age could create. At time it bring me back memories of my past, in the villages where we live and go through the same ritual when Ramadan came. But then it was different, we were then the children unlike now we are the grand's...Friends it is so wonderful to be surrounded by those loved one especially now in our golden age. For those young do have children so that later on in life you may enjoy what we are getting now...A wonderful moment in time, so beautiful and memorable, full of love and affection..Happiness that only comes in such a moment in times. Indeed such a treasured moment. A wonderful moment in time. That my friends is the happiness that comes as we continue to enjoy life in this blue planet of ours..

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