Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Our second home....

[Image of the lobby of our condo in Malacca].. It has been indeed a hectic weeks, full of drama of a kind or others, making living as interesting as ever..Been to historical Malacca many times this month, first to attend the AGM of the owners association of the resort..This AGM is special in that the resort which had been in a limbo for years is now getting back to business...And then I had to go again this weekend to get back my own apartment in the complex that I had rented to a young couple....The lease period is ending in a month time and they had not been paying the rent regularly, so we only want our apartment back in good faith...We got it back and told the young man that rented the place from me, just to forget about the arrears of rents and that I would just 'Halal' it ...We just want our apartment back...When we took back the apartment it was in a mess and decide to re furnish it, so we give away all those things that we do not need and start to redecorates it, to turn it into a better living space of our taste and liking... We had never rented this apartment before and these experience with the tenant make us wiser, so we decided not to lease or rent our apartment again but instead would turn it, like before as our second home and a holiday place for friends and relatives.. Gratis... Coming back from Malacca, the next day we head for Ikea and got all those things to re furnish the apartment..And this weekend went again to re furnished the condo, turning it into a fine live space as our second home....We are going to live there from time to time...It is not that far from our home in Ampang, Selangor...It is actually only a two hours drive away and we are in the comfort of our second home with the view of the open sea and a great swimming pool in the resorts complex...We would be able to live like those of the rich and famous that one see in the movie... For we are not rich and famous, we are after all an ordinary folks in our golden age, enjoying life as we journey on...A close friend has a condo on the East Coast and we have ours on the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia...Friends that is the way to live and enjoy life....As we journey on, things happen, like we rented the apartment to a young couple, which we never did since we got the apartment...That was in fact a change in our thinking....But now after the mess it has done to our apartment..Our thinking changes and with that certain happening our journey of live soon took a different course, for before this happening we really never thought of having a second home in Malacca but now we decided that we might as well have a second home and enjoy living in two places from time to time and enjoy life, and with that making life as colorful as ever...Take care

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