Thursday, August 18, 2005

Birthday...What's a Gift..

Yes.. Birthday, yesterday was mine and celebrated it quietly...It does not matter...Seeing all those love one happy were good enough...A daughter send an SMS,... Saying Happy Birthday Abah [dad] [SMS is one of the means of communication in the ever changing world of ours today, it never was but it is here to stay, with a value and norm of its own, a today's culture, a universal one..Indeed a global culture..., only those that use SMS knows best],... And another daughter smile with a happy birthday wish, saying that they are planning a do later, it is always like that with the children and grandchildren...For love were everywhere, at this age that is all folks like us ask for and nothing else...Love, lots and lots of Love... Nothing in the world could substitute Love especially from the loves one...I relate in passing my birthday on my blog yesterday and many convey their best wishes and to them thank you very much, it is indeed much appreciated... Actually I was a bid down with the Flu, but with two MD specialists around, I am always well taken care of, that's the benefit of having your own, whose love alone could cure any sickness...Our eldest daughter would always say, not too worry Abah...Sickness is a way of the body telling you that you are OK...If you do not get sick from time to time, then something is surely wrong...As for me the only sickness I get from time to time is that Flu or the sorts of where the worst a set antibiotic would cure...But then I had to take a complete rest for the body system to get back to normal again...And I quietly would say to myself 'It is old age' and like anything that are old...It goes with the territories...It get broken, aged and whatever you want to call it... It had stood with times and with much use, surely it takes it tolls, after all I know I am now sixty six years old, still love to drive and love to write, meet people, talk and making a nuisance of myself around the house and travel wherever I please...With the company of a great and loving spouse, anything goes.. Sometime you forget that you are already that old...They say that the mind is willing but the body would just say 'slow down' but then it is always the mind that is in control...So here we goes again...Sometime it is the body system that try to give you a signal to slow down...Like give you that sickness...The Flu for me maybe.. As usual life is full of surprises and excitement that makes living so wonderful, like this morning...I was at our daughter's house....Met little Azib,just three years old,...As usual with his toys...All smile, jumping up and do, his usual self and before I left He said something about getting Him a new Toys...I smile...He wanted another toy...He already had plenty...So I pause and try to understand this little kids of wanting another toys...He was trying to explain and eventually got it and told me that I could get it at the 'Seven Eleven'....Well it look like He knows what He wanted...Thing like this really make grandpa happy...I told Him I shall look for the toys and left happy...Happiness that you just could not buy...But toys yes, plenty of it...And he say 'At Seven Eleven'...That makes its much easy...I know where to get it...And again last night two of the girls came over the house, one already schooling in lower secondary, wanting to get information on the internet, so she went surfing the net doing her homework and the other.. Little Adibah, all dress up, were wondering around talking on the cell phone [a toy one], in a make believe conversation...Receiving many calls and chattering away...Until her grandma kept say [hai Adidah banyaknya panggilan telephon] Hi Adibah,you are getting many call!...She just smile and continue on talking in her own imaginative world ...Talking on the cell phone with her make believe friends...At that age, children are all like that, they are all the time in the dream world of 'children theater', acting like real actors...Real creative...Watching little Adibah, I asked her how old are you, She show me her five fingers, and then in perfect English she say 'five years old'...I told her she is a big girl now with her own cell phone...She just smile and continue talking on her cell phone...Careless of our world.. For her, Her dream world were a reality and enjoying every moments of it. At that age..How wonderful to be a child...That grew up with all the loves in the world...As a grandpa I am blessed with all these and I believe these are the bonus for folks like us in the golden age as we journey on, how interesting...Life be .These living events that manifest itself today are good enough a birthday gift for grandpa... A gift that had no substitute.....A priceless one indeed....A Godsend....Have a nice day.


anasalwa said...

Pak Idrus,
Wonderful belated birthday.

Pak Idrus said...

Anasalwa, thanks, have a nice day

mylias said...

Many happy return of the day Uncle. Getting younger each day eh?

Aqsa said...

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