Saturday, March 12, 2005

BBC NEWS UK Politics Government's terror bill passed

When Malaya and later Malaysia continue to use the Internal Security Act or in short as ISA after it achieve independence in nineteen fifty seven, the whole western world was critical of this tough law that was introduce by the British when they ruled Malaya as a colony...It was a law that curtail some of the basic right of the citizen but very useful to fight communist terrorist that rampant the country from ninety forty eight, killing and destroying property along the way, the communist then wanted to turn Malaya into a communist country..Thanks to the ISA, the communist was defeated and Malaysia enjoy to became one of the most develop country in the part of the world...Today it can boast of already became a develop country..With its citizen enjoying the highest standard of living and the its citizen prosperous...Had it not been for the ISA, Malaysia, multi racial, multi religious country would be in a mess simply because there were too much freedom for people to create damage by exploiting sensitive issue, such as language, races and religion...The Act allow citizen who commit political or other problems, such as sensitive issue, to be detained without trial for a given period, in a way detaining a minority to save the majority of the citizen...It is said this law is undemocratic and thus should be abolished. This law so far have been useful to defend democracy and would continue to be useful if the authority use it with care...I personally felt that so far it has been use with care to protect the right of the majority citizen...And now after the September Eleven happening in the USA, the States introduce the Patriotic Act, which is some what similar to the ISA and today the United Kingdom passed a law of the same nature as a tool to fight terrorism...Well it look like the Malaysian ISA is here to stay and other countries that once opposed such law, now have themselves introduce such law...Well the world have indeed change a lot after September eleven...

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