Sunday, February 08, 2015

The Curry soup Yong Towfoo...

It was a beautiful Sunday in February. We decided to go for lunch at the Pavilion. I drove the Honda and park it at the basement and move on toward the main concourse of the mall. Although it was still early the place was already thronging with folks coming to enjoy their weekend in the cool comfort of the mall.  As it was early we decided to just do a little shopping at the Little Japan on the top floor. There were many people there too. We did a little shopping at the Daiso where everything there are sold at RM5.00 each and then move on to have lunch at the Food-court down below. Here too we saw folks queuing to buy their lunch. After browsing along we decided to go for the Yong Towfoo. It a self-serving joint where one selects the many spread of things Towfoo and then get the soup put in by the caterer. We ordered two bowls with the plain soup; the usual one we often ordered. After paying for it I waited while my spouse went to look for table to sit. The caterer place one bowl with plain soup on the tray and then I saw they put a curry soup on the other bowl which I did not ask. I told them that I had ordered plain soup for the two bowls. Realising their mistake they apologised.  In that few seconds I though why not I just take the bowl with the curry soup and not to make a fuss of it. I told them so and that made them happy.  Had I not taken it and adamant in getting the one with the plain soup they would surely incurred a lost but by my split seconds decision not to make a fuss of it and take it anyway did save the situation making it a sort of a win win situation of sorts for both parties. I took the two bowls and sat to enjoy it; my spouse the one with the plain soup and I the one with the curry soup.  I soon found the one with the curry soup that I am enjoying taste really go. I did not expect it to taste that good and for that I did enjoy that lunch. Had it not been for the mistake at the outlet I would not have known that the Yong Towfoo with the curry soup taste better than the plain one. Well it looks like a small incident like this and the split decision one made not only save the day at the outlet but it actually give one a new experience of tasting the Yong Towfoo in the curry soup. Well we can never tell the unexpected could turn out to be a beautiful experience in one's life.  

Have a nice day.


Al-Manar said...


Well done done. I notice you have taken up cooking as well.

Pak Idrus said...

Al-Manar, Pokcik Hassan, thanks for the visit and sharing your thoughts on this posting. Well, not much of cooking but plenty of eating Sir. Enjoying life in our golden years.

Hope that you are in the best of health. Take care.