Tuesday, February 10, 2015

You Made My Day...

Paying bills has been a monthly ritual. As soon as all the bills arrived I would go and pay it manually either at the Telecom shop or the Post office. To date I have not learned to pay bills Online. The reason I decided not to pay my bills Online and do it manually is that I would have to go out, drive and walk, window shop and meet people rather than just staying at home. At this age that is the best thing to do and it does keep me healthy too. In the past I would pay all the bills at the Telecom Point at Ampang Point but with effect from January this year the Telecom Point no longer accept Water and Astro bills but the Post Office accept all the bills. So from now henceforth I would pay all my bills at the Post Office. Just before 3pm this Tuesday afternoon I went to the Ampang Point Post Office to pay the bills. First I went to the basement to park my car and found it full with people waiting to find a vacant lot. I just decide to just move on and without much ado found one vacant space that no one seem to want to take. In fact there was a car waiting for another car to move out and does not care for the vacant lot nearby. I drive on and park my car at that vacant lot then went up the mall and walk straight to the Post Office on the first floor. Entering the Post Office I saw a large crowd but since I had the time I went to take a number. The number slip shows that I had to wait for at least half an hour before my number is called. I thought it all right since I had all the times in the world to wait and went to look for a seat to wait. But before I could do that a stranger hand me a number slip that show an earlier number as the one I got. I took it and thank him; I then give my number slip to another stranger and then wait. Just as I was about to take a seat my number was call. I went to the counter and paid all the bills. It looks like this is indeed my day. Everything went so smooth, from getting the parking space with ease and been offered an earlier number by a total stranger to pay the bills. Had it not been for all the happening during that last few minutes it would have taken me hours before getting all the bills paid. Instead all [parking and paying the bills] was done in record time of less than 15 minutes; a wonderful happening indeed. 

Have a nice day.

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